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Verizon did not activate my service for three weeks past the activation date. Verizon go to *** ......

I kept on calling them every day with no help. Customer service reps kept telling me a lie that they will send a tech to my apartment the next day but the tech did not show up for three weeks!!!

I wasted hours of cell phone minutes and hours of my personal time trying to convince them to send me a technician. There is not place to go because they do not have service office for DSL. All you have is the toll-free number and that gets to to the same reps.

Better use other service such as comcast or COX (for virginia) ......

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Verizon sends me an offer for FIOS about twice a week, even sent a salesman to my door. I told the salesman OK, sign me up as soon as you make one minor addition to the contract.

You see I have DSL right now, I'm being billed for 3 mbit service but getting 1.5 mbit. When I call support they say "you're in an area that only supports 1.5 mbit", so I ask how all my neighbors have 3 mbit service and they say they're in a different area. They're connected to the same junction box on the same pole as I am. Then they hang up.

So I tell the FIOS salesman I want a small addition to the contract, if I don't get the speed I pay for I can cancel without the $300 ETF. I don't want to hear "youre in an area that only supports 512k download, sorry".

Verizon refused that addition to the contract, which tells me I wasn't ever going to see the 5 mbit I would be paying for, and be stuck for two years or the $300 ETF. I told the salesman to get lost.


Verizon employs a call sevice center and you don't actually talk to a Verizon employee...this call center also takes care of AT&T..and others...these people can live in never know who will talk to...


Verizon's technology and equipment are great, their customer service reps are friendly, but the actual set-up of service and billing are terrible. I moved (in the same town) and it took me months to get my old number disconnected and still haven't managed to get OneBill set up for FiOS, cable, and cell.

Meanwhile, it took me three tries to get the installation at my new place as they repeatedly entered the wrong dates/times for the service visit. Finally, paying my bill online is almost impossible.

Their website(s) are totally non-intuitive, requiring one to log in over and over again and I would say their website is down more than 50% of the times I try to log in. Verizon: you've got great gear and a great network but get your support together!

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