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I just ordered DSL through verizon a week ago..I AM STILL NOT HOOKED UP!!! Customer service, yeah right, every one I talked to didn't understand I am working an 11 day stretch...will not be home till 5 pm...service techs are at my house at 2 in the afternoon...so I have to call and re-schedule. I have never encountered service like this before...big business, big money, forget the customers.

I have been in customer satisfaction field for over 10 years...and if I treated my customers this way I would lose my job!! Really no-one to contact to complain to...sure do cover your ***!!

I want to be heard by someone who cares over there!! Is that asking to much?? You can't keep treating people this way, it's not right!!

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I work in a business where we have to schedule technicians to consumer's homes. Most techs/service centers are not open/work after 5. If you do not have a day off for 11days and are not available after 5 then schedule for your next day you do have off from work.

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