Every time i have tried to reach the so-called customer service at Verizon DSL, i have had to be on hold for >1 hour, answer a bunch of questions to automatic tellers, then repeat the same answers to several reps, who proceed to then hang up on me. Frequently the issue is not resolved in one phone call and the nightmare will have to be repeated again.

They don't respond to emails, either.

In addition, i have DSL stand-alone which somehow means i cannot do much account management online. so unfortunately i'm stuck. It's the most abominable customer service experience i've ever had.

When I finally had enough and tried to disconnect service, i could not get anyone to contact me so I would do that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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Customer service,

I have lost my dsl service on Tuesday, after very long hold I got to talk to rep, my appointment was set for Friday 8am-3pm…. no one showed-up. So now a week later, and days wasted on the phone, I’m frustrated. Very frustrated !

I got three phone calls from different reps in India!!! Each one was apologizing all the time, but neither could not answer my question, when my service will be restore. I wasted so much time, and all got was “I apologize ma’m”

I’m a disabled person, I don’t have a whole lifetime to wait for another technician. Verizon customer service, should change their name to Lack Of any Service, don’t waste your time to call

Buckingham, Virginia, United States #10419

Thats not true and its written on your bill to call in to renew or go month to month at a higher rate. Anyone can sign up for the 12.99 its no secret because its online, just ask for it!

I change this plans for customers all the time, everyday. cal 800-483-4000, select the option for orders.

Rockvale, Tennessee, United States #9168

I was just informed that my Verizon dsl rate would be increased by $4.00 a mo. I contacted customer service to see if I could sign up for a guaranteed year to keep my cost at the rate I am paying now and was told "no, there are no programs at this time".

I feel Verizon is doing exactly what AOL did when I was a member. Sign up at a good rate and continuously get rate increases until you can no longer afford it. Currently Verizon is soliciting new customers at $12.99 a month and upping their current customers rates. I signed up for paperless bills and auto payments to help cut Verizon's costs. But they have no suggestions on how to help me keep my rates down.

I have searched far and wide on how to reach Verizon's corporate offices to voice my complaints but to no avail. The online email complaint just sent me back to the 800 customer service number, who cannot help.

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