I am cancelling my service with Verizon I moved to a new place and simply needed to install my high speed internet.

I received a date and time for installation. The morning of the installation i received an automated voice mail stating the service date would have to be delayed for a week later. Never mind that i took off from work to have a number of services completed that day.

Subsequently, I never heard from Verizon again, the date they resheduled me for came and went. It's been over a month and I have no internet, I 've called multiple times only to be transferred back and forth to billing then tech support and once the rep hung up in my face...

I'm switching to Time Warner I willing to pay more if I know my issues will be resolved and addressed. Verizon is more interested in enticing new clients with flat screen tvs, and digital cameras then they are in retaining their current client base. They'll reap what they sow... BTW: here is the info to the corporate office and the website to file a complaint

Verizon Communications

Corporate Headquarters

140 West Street

New York, NY 10007

Telephone: 800-621-9900

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I just recently ordered Verizon DSL and immediately lost phone service. A verizon technician came and mentioned that the DSL people tweak the phone configuration and does not care if it leaves the phone line not working.

After my phone was fixed I realized that not only was the high speed internet not working at the date that Verizon said it would start, but also I have terrible static on my phone that their tech support could not fix!!!??? Then I asked them to send a technician to my house and they said that I need to speak with the billing department even though I was already speaking with tech support for over 40 minutes. Then I called the billing department and was told that it would cost me $49.99 to have a technician come to my house and fix the problem.

They cause problems and I have to pay for them??? What kind of scam are these sob's running?

Templeton, Quebec, Canada #25857

:( This is the worst company I have ever had the mispleasure of doing business with. I am sick of India.

If they were not so busy outsources then maybe people could get some problems solved. Verizon sucks. No one can answer your problems and you get nothing but the run around.

If I could get rid of them, they would be toast. I am so angry with these fools I could scream.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #4450

Verizon only cares about getting your money. For those who are considering getting their service heres a peice of advice.

RUN! I was with Cavalier for 2 years had no problems with billing and hidden fees. Service worked perfectly. I switched to Verizon thinking I was getting a better deal on the Bundle Packages.

Even before my service was installed, I received letters saying that I was going to be charged full price. When I called customer service they said one thing but the billing statments was saying another. I finally decided its not worth all the headache and I switched back to Cavalier but not before reporting their *** to the PA State Attorney Generals Office for deceptive Advertising and fraud billing. I then took the liberty of reporting them to the Public Utilities Commission.

I have read 100's of complaints online about verizon. Heres the thing. Its important that you inform Agencies of the underhanded practices of Verizon. That is how laws get changed.

So please if you have a problem take 10 minutes to google your Attorney Generals office and Public Utility Commission and then contact them. Lets get the word out about Verizon.

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