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I live in a small pocket of Verizon surrounded by miles and miles of Pacific Bell/AT&T customers. This is a “funny” joke pulled on my city of 60,000 people by the idiots on the California Public Utilities Commission.

In December 07, I signed up for Verizon DSL. The first time it was offered (much later than other companies, you’ll notice) and the ONLY service available in my little patch of electronic ***.

From 12/07 though 2/08, I logged over 200 service tickets with Verizon for lost connections and inability to get DSL service. Yes, 200 – and I work two jobs and only have one day off a week! So, that should tell you something about their reliability! This year, I finally found out that you could get action if you made connection with the executive offices on the east coast at 800-483-7988.

One of the reasons I stuck with the service and didn’t revert back to dial up (my only option, as the cable here is worse) is that I was told that my $14.95 a month was for life.

Verizon raised my rate this past month, so I spent over 2 and half hours on the phone, during my vacation, calling several continents to find out how to get this fixed. This morning, I received a call and was told that in order to provide “customer retention” I was going to be allowed to keep the service for $14.95 for one more year, and then it would go to what ever rate they wanted.

They insist that they never offered that rate to me. They stated that it was only offered during the month of November of 2007 to new customers, that I was not entitled to the rate at all. I, however, clearly remember the conversation. So, warning to all consumers – record every call you make to a utility. I have now purchased a record-a-call handset and am going to do just that.

Customer Service? Are you kidding? What a rip off. They are quick to make promises to keep you hanging so that you don’t tell everyone what crappy service you’re getting and then when they finally get it right and it works – they ***. You’d think I’d have paid my dues just by putting up with the crappy service for so long.

So, before you think of going with Verizon - do you really want to go through what I went through - just to get jacked at the end?

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