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I canceled my verizon services in May which included phone and DSL. I canceled not because of service but because of the customer relations people. Everytime you call you get a different answer and a different crappy attitude.

I paid my "final" bill. I had to cancel with two different departments, yet I just received a bill from them stating I have been shut off from service since I haven't paid my bill. I even overpaid and they refunded some money.

Why can't Verizon DSL Billing department get it right. I have called in total 11 times to cancel and complain and 11 times I was told it was finally cancelled and all bills would be credited. No one knows what they are doing over there.

How can i make them hear me. Just cancel my service for good and stop billing me for something i don't get!!!!

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I wrote to the corporation directly to complain about thier customer service. That was a 6 weeks ago.

I still haven't heard from them. I guess corporate doesn't care about us either.

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I truly understand what you are going through. I had the FIOS service, loved the service, but they had me under 3 different accounts, was the final competent person I spoke with told me, but before that I would be on the phone every month because they claimed I had a "past due" on my account.

I had automatic withdrawals from my account and I called and the first time I was transferred 37 times and I have "ALL" of the reps I spoke with telling my story over and over again. I was determines to find someone who was competent. I t never happened, until they sent me a final bill with a label to return my cable boxes that I did not request, so after being transferred 16 times that day I finally decided to cancel the order and #17 told me about the accounts, but they could not transfer the paid account to the correct account.

What a mess I eneded up with. I love the FIOS but their customer service needs training.

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