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Verizon is now charging a $30.00 activation fee for any phone you buy from them in the store. You can order it online or buy it used and bring it into the store and the activation is free, but if you buy it from the store there is an activation fee.

This is the same reason I left Cingular, NO CUSTOMER appreciation for current, long standing, faithful customer's!! Look what happened to Cingular, customer's got sick of this type of treatment and moved on to other provider's. Might be time to try another carrier.

At least I'll be a new customer to someone. Loyalty doesn't pay in anymore.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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They charge the $30.00 fee online also.I have been a loyal customer for over 13 yrs and I pay my bill on time every month. I agree they do not treat us right.

I have 4 lines and we only use basic phones.They are crazy if I'm gonna pay $120...I have 1 more contract that needs to expire and I'm changing to sprint. :(

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