we were satisfied for years with our cable service. We had verizon for our phone and another service for cable and internet.

We received an attractive offer from verizon. Stated 79.99 for two years. Beware everyone because they added so many hidden charges not mentioned that the bill zoomed from $79.99 to $146.999 and that included an additional bonus of $30 off the first six month.I called five times and the customer representatives have all been trained to say the same thing.

At the time of my agreement it was $79.99 and they claimed it was $119.99 the new current deal. I'm extremely disappointed with verizon and highly recommend you skip their offers.Before you ask no I don't have any of the premium channels and was strictly the three for two deal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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there getting to be alot of screw ups since the Alltel take over: poorer reception, slower internet speeds, and huge billing errors that took the State DA's office to get fixed over a $1000 worth. Try some the other complaint sites ie my3cents.com


Contact your state's Attorney General. They were of great help, we got all our money back.


I recently canceled with verizon. their stupidity knows no bounds.

I was constantly being harrassed by them to change my contract. I had 1000 minutes for 29.99 and they insisted I should change my contract to 250 minutes for 39.99 because they noticed I didn't use up all my minutes. Say what? I was supposed to jump at a deal that cost me more for less minutes?

And to top it off, they claimed I was roaming and charged me extra every month. I was in the same town they were and they insisted I was in the next state. Trying to constantly get them to remove the roaming charges was a hassle. Plus the drop calls and or phone just not getting a signal.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW I'm using another company and no problems. Not even a dropped call! Oh almost forgot, they wanted me to invest more money in some device that would get me a signal to my phone.

yeah I'm gonna do that. No Thanks

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