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We have had an ongoing problem with our phone service for 6 years. The phone gets staticy, then after a week or two, goes dead.

They've been out to fix it probably 7 times over the last 6 years. If we call when the static sound starts, they always do a line check, then say it isn't their end. If we want them to come anyway, it will cost us around $90 if the technician finds the line is OK at the gray box outside of the home. The last technician that was here, said we would never have another problem, he fixed it good.

We noticed this static around June 11th 2010. Then found the phone dead on the 15th, but people who tried to call said it wasn't working after the 13th. I called on the 16th from a neighbors home. In 2009, I developed a blood disorder that causes my blood to clot anytime.

I'm on some nasty medicine to prevent that. If cut, or if I fall, I can bleed to death. I told the lady this, and she said she would put the order in right away. After not hearing anything by Friday the 18th, I called back.

My wife was worried that when she went to work, I could not dial 911 if I felt something wrong, or fell. The Verizon rep said all she did was take the order, she had nothing to do about when they fixed anything. I had to leave my home the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, because I needed to be where I could call for help. I stayed with a friend.

The lady told me they would be out on the 22nd, and that's all she could help me with. A whole week of a person with a medical condition to be without a phone. We live in the mountains, and cell phones do not get a signal. I have one I carry everywhere for emergencies.

Verizon could not have cared less if I died over this or not. To have to leave your home because of something so ***.

Since we've moved here, Comcast put cable lines in, and a cable company called QCol. They offer phone service, and I may just have to look into changing.

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Verizon is the most over sold underperfoming telephone company. They charge the highest rates for *** poor services.

Avoid Verizon if at all possible.


Maybe you should also look into litigation for this. They have to provide uninterrupted 911 service, pretty sure that's a federal law.

Also, get your PT/PTT checked. Its sounds like your anticoagulant medicine level is way too high.

You should still be able to clot, even on blood thinners. (I'm a medtech)Please get checked!


I don't care either. Shut up.

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