Part of Verizon IT has just instituted a telecommuting policy based on discrimination.

The new policy says that noone is allowed to telecommute, although thousands of people in other sectors within the company are allowed and encouraged to telecommute.

Although the policy says noone is allowed, even in this same section of Verizion IT certain people are given the priviledge to telecommute. While others are told they must come into the office for 8 hours a day. There is nothing special about the person's situation that gets to telecommute. They do the same job function, in the same group, with the same title as the person who doesn't get to telecommute. Management personally decides who gets the priviledge to telecommute and who doesn't.

Verizon is discriminating.

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I have telecommuted for 15 yrs...taking it away is the last straw and I have every reason to complain


It could be discrimination, it's a matter of defining the criteria. I was also hit with it. The policy is not even fully defined, yet they want us to agree before 6/30, whereafter they can conveniently change it, at will. At larger scope is how many actual Americans hold IT jobs, even on shore. Years ago, as I understood it, a company could only request H1B visas if there were NO skilled American workers they could move into the job. NOT SO!

I might also look at hostile work environment if they force a drastic change in conditions; especially after employees have been doing it for the better part of 20 year or so. Combine this with other mandates that seem unreasonable over the years, and consult an attorney or HR. If you're one of those that exclusively support a job function--and are denied vacations, and not paid for them--all the more.

The stress of working here has literally killed people. I know of several.

Third, this may be an attempt to oust long employees that have been with the company for quite a while. (I understand they are pushing a college grad new-hire program.) Dropping those with long experience will stall the company. I constantly have to retrain folks in a domain where turnover is so high, the company might as well be making popcorn.

If the policy is still "green" and changing. You might check with other co-workers to build a case and file a formal complaint with HR. Catch them in a lie. The CoC states that "Integrity" is important, and to be "honest and forthcoming" with not only vendors but others in the company. At the end, it mentions violations of the CoC apply to even upper management and can include termination. Team with others... burn 'em, with their own book!

Take care... and good luck!


Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u


Big deal, you have to get out of you comfy pj's and go to a office...*** the luck. I will be sure and tell homeless rick on the corner when i go to work in the morning that you are complaining about that....just imagine how that will make him feel..really a job that wants you to come to work, such discrimination, if only i could count the ways that makes me sick...oh that was sarcasm...

Raub, Pahang, Malaysia #170657

I am not sure what your issue is - why can you not work from office? Verizon pays for the office space, electricity, ...

Verizon and many companies in today's economy needs to focus on work or face extinction - if you earn your living from Verizon, care for Verizon and focus on what you can do for Verizon - not on what more can Verizon do for you ... or else Verizon will diminish and you will have no one to crib about ...

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