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After I unbundled my Directv and phone and went with just Internet (DSL), Verizon started turning off my Internet every night at 8:00pm and turning it back on every morning at 6:00am. When I called they gave me the run-a-round until I finally found someone who told me they will no longer support UNE.

Unbundled Network Entities. or something like that. She told me that if I ever canceled, I would never get Verizon Internet again.. Well that's fine.

I've switched to satellite. 12 times faster, same price.

As soon as I switch over all of my email, Ill finally say goobye to the worst service provider ever. I've switched to AT&T Cellular after being yelled at by a Verizon sales person in a Verizon store, I canceled my home phone after being over charged repeatedly and now I'll be happy when I cancel DSL.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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