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Verizon work crews are detroying our neighborhood. Sub-contractors are digging holes and trenches everywhere to install new fiber cables under ground and the idiots dont have a clue.

They are leaving everyone's front yard a mess and storing their equipment on everyone's property - like they have rights to your property. When they finish with one home they move to the next leaving a mess for the homeowner to fix and clean.

The ironic part is everyone in our area uses Optimum Online triple play and no one has any plans to switch. Verizon you suck - take a hike and keep your wires!!

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since verizon dug my lights in my house flash like a disco tech I called several times and no one calls me back had 2 electricians

3 bge techs & a contractor at my house they find nothing wrong with my equiptment ive been living in my house for 20 years and havent changed any cable electric computer phone equipt the only thing that was done different is that verizon dug up my lawn and since than my lights flicker flash appliances go out please anyone help ?

Hoppers Crossing, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #172379

We had Verizon fiber cables installed in our neighborhood about two years ago. We were not notified by our city, or Verizon.

We came home one night and found our nice green front lawn dug up, with a 2ft slab now sitting on the edge of our lawn. We spoke with our neighbor who called the city to complain, so we also called the city to complain. We actually didn't know it was Verizon, just that we had our lawn dug up. I was transferred to my city's engineering department, who seemed surprised that Verizon had not placed a door hanger on our house to notify us that they'd be digging up our lawn.

He said he would check into it (never heard back from him). He then quoted me the two foot easement, or something like that, meaning the city basically has the right to do whatever they want to your property as long as it is within two feet from the edge of the property. Sounds like B.S. and I've never researched that, whatever now.

My neighbor said when she was told the same thing, she told the city to remove the huge tree in her front yard that she doesn't want, as it is within the easement and they are responsible for it....and I'm sure you know what their reply is. The cement work they did to repair the sidewalks on our block has made our neighborhood look like a checkerboard. They spray painted blue paint markings all over, some of which are still on the sidewalks and curbs. They even spray painted over the painted addresses on the curb, the ones where you give a donation to a group to paint, and those had just been done in our neighborhood.

Bottom line, that should have been a red flag to me that Verizon's customer service is terrible. But *** me signed up a month and a half ago for FIOS, and after four crappy customer service rep calls, a messed up first bill, and promised features that I still can't get working, I'm regretting ever leaving Directv.

I wasn't unhappy with Directv, I just thought I'd try FIOS and the FIOS salesguy who knocked on my front door was nice....but funny thing, I can't get him to return my phone call now. Not surprising.

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