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Update by user Apr 12, 2012

Still no progress from Verizon. I emailed the CEO and one of his minions emailed me claiming she\'d resolve the problem.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and I\'ve heard nothing.

I\'m calling them tomorrow (April 13th). Stay tuned...

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2012

I moved in December, 2011. When I contacted Verizon to get pricing for service at the new house, I was told that, if I bundled TV and internet, I would receive a $300 Visa prepaid debit card 60 days after my account was transferred. I shopped other providers who had better prices but, with the $300 Visa card, Verizon was competitive, so I transferred my account to the new house.

Once we moved, we had numerous service problems, but I was too busy to make a change in provider. The service issues seem to have metered out to infrequent occurrences.

I went online to my Verizon account and paid the balance due, on January 6, 2012. The balance due was $63.34. A couple of days later, I received a Verizon bill for approx. $98. I called Verizon and spoke with Kim and Deanne (supposedly a supervisor). Unbeknownst to me, when the account was transferred, a completely new account was established and the online account was not connected with the new account.

Both Kim and Deanne told me that I would receive a refund of the $63.34 I'd paid on the old account, and that I would receive the $300 Visa prepaid card 60 days from the date the new account was started.

It makes absolutely no sense that a new account was created, that the two accounts were not linked, that I was billed at all in January for service that should have ended on December 14th, and that Verizon is incapable of transferring the overpayment from the old account to the new account.

I was assured that someone in management at Verizon would contact me to discuss these problems and errors. Two months later, on March 12th, having heard nothing further from Verizon, I called again. I spoke with Suzanna who was unable to "find" any notes on the account showing that I was to receive a $300 Visa card.

Suzanna told me that the $63.34 refund check was issued on January 10th. When I explained to her that, if this were the case, I would have received the check by now, she was unable to explain this. I asked to speak with someone in management. After holding for 20 minutes, I was transferred to a call center supervisor who was clueless!

If I do not receive the $300 Visa card and the $63.34 refund check by noon (PDT) March 16, 2012, I will proceed with filing charges of deceptive business practices against Verizon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Tv Service.

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Still no progress from Verizon. I emailed the CEO and one of his minions emailed me claiming she'd resolve the problem.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and I've heard nothing.

I'm calling them tomorrow (April 13th). Stay tuned...


I am in the same exact situation. I would love to speak to u.

Please email me.

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