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My husband recently got his Verizon bill and discovered his "special" premium rate had ended. He asked me to call and renegotiate a better rate, and I agreed to help him.

I spoke to a Verizon customer service rep and asked about a reduction in rates. She then went into a spiel about various packages, and it was so confusing and complicated I told her not to make any changes until she heard from my husband. I asked him to call, and he planned to do that in the next 24 hours. Then, one night later, he was channel surfing and discovered he could not access HBO or any movie channels.

We called a Verizon service tech and the service got reconnected, but the service tech also reviewed the call record and learned that "someone" had authorized to disconnect HBO and the movie channels. My husband was livid -- at me. I specifically told the Verizon rep to do NOTHING until my husband called, yet she went ahead and disconnected our service. Our Fourth of July weekend was ruined because my husband thinks I gave the authorization, which I did not.

I would like an apology from Verizon but expect nothing from this greedy company. When my cell phone contract with them ends in January, I'm going elsewhere.

I don't need the aggravation.

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