On April 18 I informed Verizon we would be moving to a new location on May 14th. Then about 2 days later got a letter telling me that on May 6, Verizon would no longer be offering "dry loop" DSL (which is what we have) without a voice line attached if you altered or changed in any way your existing service.

Our voice service was thru PACKET 8 VOIP (8x8) which we never had problems with. 1st Verizon rep I spoke to said "No Problem... we can get your voice number ported from the other company and offer DSL, Local, & LD." A win-win solution. OK fine I thought.

Last week of April I checked with Verizon to see how everything was going & was told by that rep. said number was ported over & was now property of Verizon, & everything was still going okay & we would have service on May 4th. Our internet (DSL) would not change, just adding local and L.D. voice service.

Not to mention that every time I called in I was asked to do a 3rd party verification, "Just to make sure our number had not been slammed." I also let the rep know at that time I was concerned about the phone box as it had 2 wires hanging out & if a voice line was going in I wanted to make sure everything was up to par. They said they would send a tech out to check on it on May 4th when the voice line was to be active. I waited for the tech today, & no show. I called & was told he was running late, but would call me.

I finally got a call, 3 hrs 35 minutes after the 12pm time had passed & was told there was a problem with the order. Seems there was already a voice line activated for the account, but the "ported" number was no where to be found. I called Verizon & the rep then told me the VOIP "ported" number was "mistakenly" put on the the DSL service & they would have to get me a new voice line number. Now what *** puts a voice line number on a data line when a voice line was to be installed using that number." When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the Rep said "fine let me get one." I waited for over 20 minutes before finally getting to speak to one.

He stated the VOIP number was NOT on the DSL service as I had previously been told, but was ACTUALLY not at Verizon at all. He claimed the VOIP company, 8x8 had refused to give them the number & because it was originally a VOIP number there was nothing Verizon could do to get it. I could get a new number for voice & continue with Verizon like nothing was wrong. I told him I wanted by VOIP number for my house land line & he said I could not get it.

He would however cancel the order and if I chose to stay with Verizon, I could call back & set up a new order for service. I asked him to have a rep call me in 10-15 min. so I could discuss our options with my other half. He said no problem.

So I went on line and there in my e-mails was one from Verizion, thanking me for the Double Bundle order I had placed with them & that everything was on schedule for the move. That contridicted what the Supervisor had said about cancelling the order. So I called in again & was told that the order was NOT cancelled but still open & pending, pending the arrival of my number from Packet 8. I have been lied to left, right & center by CS reps & supervisors alike.

And one covers for the other. If there was any other reasonable game in town I would look at taking it & tell Verizon they could kiss my happy arce & dump them so fast it would make their heads spin. SO after calling Packet 8, we have our old number back, the one that Verizon claims could not be ported over handling our long distance voice service and a voice line from Verizon that won't go out 30 miles handling our local phone & internet (DSL) too.

SO we'll see what happens at the start of next wk. when we get ready to move & probably end up with no local voice service and DSL at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

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