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Verizon NO DSL problem started on July 3, 2008 called to try to get fixed was told not their problem it was wiring at my home. Tech to be there Saturday, July 5, 8AM-5PM due to holiday. O.K. So I sit and wait and wait no show. No call to tell us he won't be there, they know our phone number! Call to complain about no show tech and told they fixed problem with line and would contact tech to find out when he would be at house. I said NO he was supposed to be here by 5pm now it is 5:45pm. Told again it is a line problem and now they are working on it. Well their line problem is not fixed at my house and want a tech to fix.

Told a tech would be there Sunday, July 6, 8AM-12PM our service would be made "Priority"! On a Sunday????? Wow! I didn't think they work on Sunday. Of course they don't, that is why no one came. (all lies from customer service) I guess techs work on Sunday in India! Call to complain again about no show at 12:15pm told they cannot contact technicians because the techs have no phones! No phones this is unheard of, this is Verizon. The day before they could contact the tech! The lies never stopped.

So now Monday, July 7 - Day 5 no internet and a Holiday weekend blown waiting for the phantom technician. We started calling Customer Service at 7:30AM and the drama continued until 1:00pm when a tech showed up. Of course he said there was nothing wrong with the wiring at our house it was a Verizon problem and they would fix it but did not know when. All we wanted was an answer of 1 day, 2 weeks or a month? but they "could not guarantee when it would be fixed" Well I guess we cannot guarantee that we will pay our bill!

Now to Tuesday Day 6 still no DSL and told they are working on it. We were still willing to give them a chance even after all the lies and gave them a deadline of 5pm. Suprise! It was NOT fixed.

Today, Wednesday, July 9, Day 7 with no internet. We have Comcast at the house installing internet service.

This was the WORST customer service response I have ever experienced. All I wanted was an answer from anyone with any knowledge. I was shuffled from several customer reps and supervisors with no answer to my problem. When it was a verizon line problem the entire time. Prime example of CORPORATE GREED.

Stay tuned to see how the battle of the bill goes. I am sure it will be worse than trying to get my service fixed!

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New Concord, Ohio, United States #22653

I have verizon. Every time the *** bill comes i start to shake.

Yes, they are a rip off but vonage is worse!!! do not sign up with vonage. you cannot cancel an order & they will keep charging your credit card or bank account. all phone companies are rip offs.

i am seriously thinking about using carrier pigeons or smoke signals! they are all so *** greedy.

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