I moved to Plano Texas; the only option for internet service available to me at my rental was Verizon FIOS internet. I paid through the nose for it. Service worked fine, no complaints about that.

My complaints are aobut Verizon's shoddy customer service.

I never received a bill from Verizon. They just billed my credit card. Never got a notice that a bill was coming, just the monthly charge on my card. I eventually got used to that, although it still bugged me. Even after calling and requesting a copy of my bill be mailed or emailed to me.

Now, I'm moving to an area that they don't offer any service and they're charing me a cancellation fee. How can they charge me when they don't offer a service in my area? I'm not opting to break my contract. I'm being forced to break my contract. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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wow Anonymous, way to be an *** to one of our customers. Why don't you be a man and state a name?

You sure aren't helping our reputation any.

I can't say much for cancellation since I'm a TSR, but they should take it as a case-by-case scenario and work with you. I can't guarantee that, but that's just what I think.


I work for verizon fios. Maybe you should read your verizon.com/termsandconditions it clearly states that YOU agreed to a contract.

We do not waive ETFs for moves, only death, or military orders.

Because you are the one choosing to move, not verizon. Don't make commitments you can't fulfill.

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