I am still in the midst of a multi-day odyssey with Verizon regarding Fios. My first bill was wrong.

Double charges, services not ordered, etc. That was fixed in a phone conversation with a rep. Then I signed up for "paperless billing" and autopay, which is how I pay all of my bills from other companies. Two billing cycles later, I receive a notice that my account is overdue.

I have an excellent credit score, and pay all of my bills promptly. Thus began my odyssey. I attempted to access my account info online, using the user id/password combo that I had stored when I got the service. Of course, my username was "not recognized".

Ok, so on to "forgot info", even though I was pretty sure I had it right. So, this generates another user/password combo, which also doesn't work. All of the other attempts to access my bill led to pages with an incorrect phone number. At this point, I decided that maybe live chat was the way to go.

But, no. Even though it was during normal business hours, chat was listed as not available. Ditto the telephone. Two days and no resolution later, an email from the "eCenter", giving very specific instructions on how to access my account.

Great! If only it had worked. Three days after that, a 3 hour phone hike through multiple non-connected Verizon departments. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Apparently, I'm in their system under two username/pass combos. and no one could answer what the deal was with the wrong phone number. Oh, by the way, still no access to my bill. Delightful.

Guess what did work online? My ability to send Verizon payment. Woo-Hoo. I did pay my bill; that was after all, the point, but being able to actually see the breakdown of the bill I was paying, verboten.

So, I'm off paperless billing. Let's see if I get an acutal bill this cycle, or if they withold it again, and call me in arrears.

Oh, extra special: they tried to pitch me another product in the customer (non)support email. Gotta love it!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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