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Verizon Customer Abuse: A Complaint and Cautionary Tale

by DJ Arnoldo

I was a Verizon (VZ) customer from 1996 through 2011 (15 years!), and I paid every VZ bill in full immediately as I received it. Although there's never much to like about the phone company, when things went wrong VZ always made things right one way or another. About a year or two ago, I noticed a significant decline in VZ customer service generally. In September 2011 my service bundle fee went up by $15 without warning, and I called VZ several times to try to get back the rate I had. Failing in that, on September 17, 2011, I called to disconnect my phone service, but keep my Internet service. Little did I know that would start a four month nightmare. After dozens of phone calls and dozens of wasted hours on the phone trying to resolve the same problems over and over, problems that never should have occurred in the first place, I ended my VZ services completely. But that did not end my VZ nightmare...

The Internet consumer complaint boards (see below) are full of complaints by thousands of customers ranting about the horrific abuses they suffered across all VZ businesses. My experience is echoed again and again in nearly every post, so I won't recount my personal VZ nightmare in detail here. The question is, why does a company with $110B in annual revenue and 200,000 employees treat customers so poorly? I will attempt to answer this by sharing what I learned about VZ during countless infuriating encounters.

-- VZ accounting systems are a mess, with multiple account numbers for one customer. Despite the much touted "OneBill" and "My Verizon", VZ systems do not communicate with one other. Neither is the "My Verizon" ( website connected to VZ's phone, Internet, and wireless billing and payment systems. Repeatedly I made payments online but would not get credit even though I could see my payment and confirmation number on the website. I kept getting billed for the same amount, and when I called, the conversation typically went like this: "I made that payment two weeks ago, here is the confirmation number". "I'm sorry, I don't see that payment." "I can see it on, why cant you?" "We have a different system." "That's not my problem, how are you going to fix this so I get credit for my payments?" "Click." Back I went into the phone ***.

-- VZ phone answerers (they provide no "service" or "support") are generally poorly trained, apathetic, and hostile; some even lack basic phone skills like getting your ten digit account number right within three tries. And every now and then you will get a real thug (see below).

-- When you call VZ, the phone answerers either don't bother to write detailed case notes, or can't see case notes of others. Therefore calling VZ means transferring around two, three, or four times, telling your story from the beginning each time.

-- Hang-ups are the preferred way VZ phone answerers resolve problems; a question they cannot answer, or a customer who says the wrong thing the wrong way, will get hung up on and sent back into the ***.

-- The VZ billing and payments department is only open until 6 PM weekdays, and never on weekends. I frequently had to waste valuable time at work trying to resolve problems that never should have occurred. They hang up the phone at exactly 6 PM, even if you had been working with them for 30 minutes to resolve a problem. On several occasions I had to speak to three phone answerers before finally getting transferred to a payments specialist who could solve my problem. After spending 15 minutes with her, and making some progress, the phone went dead -- at exactly 6 PM. The next day I had to start all over with a new crop of idiots. If you try to call the payments department directly, you either wind up with a phone answerer, and then spend 15 minutes on hold, or payments doesn't pick up the phone at all.

-- VZ supervisors and managers never answer their direct line with customers, do not return phone calls, and never do what they promised they would do. Asking to "speak with a supervisor" is a complete waste of time and will not get you satisfaction any quicker than battling VZ's legions of *** phone answerers.

-- VZ doesn't feel obligated to provide service at the price they agree to on the phone, and they will change the amount you owe on a whim. On several occasions, after I paid a bill in full and had a zero balance due on the website, I would get another bill with a new balance due because "the price went up". Funny how the price went up twice in the three months I had my VZ Internet.

-- VZ uses an undecipherable hodgepodge of charges and "adjustments" to make it impossible for you to understand your bill and how your balance was corrected, and they can recalculate or reverse these adjustments retroactively at any time. This is their preferred method of charging you again for a period for which you already made payment, or reneging on a concession made by a VZ "supervisor" on the phone.

-- If you call and select the phone menu "Disconnect" option for a VZ service, you will get transferred around in the phone menu ether until you invariably arrive at a dead line or the recording "No one is available to take your call, please try again later ... click".

-- If you tell the phone answerer you want to disconnect your service, they will transfer you to a thug who will try to lie and intimidate and strong-arm you into keeping the service. If that fails, he will attempt to pry information from you like your cell phone number or what other services you have before he dumps you back into the phone ***.

-- Etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward to December 19, 2011. After three months of calling VZ two or three times a week, I finally managed to clear or pay off the last of the billing problems and have the last of my VZ services disconnected. Just when I thought my VZ problems were finally over, during the week of January 6, 2012 I received three more VZ bills, one each with a balance due of $15.50 (which I had paid months earlier and had straightened out several times), zero, and a credit balance of $7.50. I had to call back another three times to get this resolved. Finally, I begged the VZ *** in billing, "Look, keep the $7.50, just zero everything out, close all the accounts that used to be in my name, and leave me the f--- alone!" We'll see if it worked; I may yet get another bill from that horrible company, if not in reality, then in my worst nightmare.

By the way, on December 16, 2011, I called Cox and inquired about High Speed Internet. Young, polite, and well trained, the Cox customer service guy explained the service tiers and promotions. He told me which package was most popular, and which would be the best deal for me. He told me about equipment options and pricing, and gave me deals on the installation and wireless router. And the cable guy would be there tomorrow between 1 and 3 PM to hook everything up. Wow, I thought, I'll believe it when I see it. Sure enough, the Cox cable guy showed up when he was supposed to: "We're going to have your high speed Internet up and running before I leave today." About 45 minutes later, everything was set up and working as advertised. For the same price that Verizon tried to extort from me, I now had fifteen times the speed (46 Mbps vs. 3 Mbps). confirmed that I now had an A- quality connection with Cox, compared to the D- quality third-world connection I had with Verizon. And my first Cox bill? Exactly what the guy said it would be. And only one account number. Verizon – it feels so good when it stops.

Read thousands of other Verizon customer abuse horror stories on the consumer websites below. On the home page search for "˜Verizon'. If that doesn't work, Google "˜Verizon' and the site name (e.g., "Verizon complaintsboard"). The number of Verizon complaints posted is shown for the most popular websites. (2,210) (1,267) (663) (450) (hundreds) (hundreds) (links to many VZ complaint websites, lawsuits, and articles) (17 for "˜Verizon Communications Headquarters' in NY) (small but excellent new site)

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I'll just copy/paste from an e-mail I sent - this should explain it. It appears that Verizon thinks disappearing credits is a good idea and that if they irritate us enough when attempting to resolve an issue we will simply go away; I call it "theft by aggravation". I won't. Oh, this is typical India - I spent a year there. So, was this from Karen or Roishawn?

Dear (Me),

Thank you for choosing Verizon. I have received your email dated 02/13/2012 regarding that you were supposed to receive a $20.00 per month credit, and that you are missing 2 months of this credit. My name is Karen, and I will be happy to assist you.

We apologize for the delay in our response and regret any inconvenience to you.

Per your request, we have reviewed the charges in dispute. I regret to inform you that our investigation to credit the charges in the amount of $20.00 per month for an additional two months have been denied. You are responsible to pay the charges on your bill in full.

According to the notes on your account, you were supposed to receive a credit of $19.99 per month for a DVR until December 2011. The credits stopped appearing on your bill in August 20112, so a previous representative issued a credit to cover the remaining 5 months.

I hope I have resolved your reason for contacting us. If you have additional questions, or if we may be of assistance to you in the future, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.



Verizon eCenter

My response:

Karen, thanks for your response, however, I regret to inform you that you’re wrong. Go back and look at, for example, the Verizon bill sent to me for the period 1/13/11-2/12/11. Look specifically at page 2 of 3, which says:

(1) 24 month (as in 2 years) Bundle Credit of $10.00/month thru September 2, 2012 (as in not yet expired);

(2) 24 month (as in 2 years) No Term FIOS Bundle Credit of $20.00/month thru September 2, 2012 (as in not yet expired);

(3) 12 month Home Media DVR Credit at $19.99/month thru September 3, 2011 (as in expired)

Therefore, from my current billing (for the period 1/13/12-2/12/12), for the Triple Play portion only, you will note that there is only 1 credit, the $10.00. There is the additional credit for $20.00 and that is the credit I have been attempting to discuss with Verizon since last June when it disappeared (from the 6/13/11-7/12/11 bill) – only the $10.00 and the $19.99 credit appeared, thus, leaving a $20.00 credit due from that period. When I finally got someone at Verizon to actually pay attention after 6 months (this is not rocket science), there was a $20/mo credit due for the billings from 6/13/11-12/12/11, or, $120.00. That you thought you did me a favor issuing a $100 credit, which you clearly think is somehow related to the $19.00/mo DVR credit, tells me that this high finance is above your head as well. So, no, you have not resolved my reason for contacting you. The $100 credit issued left a $20 credit balance for the 11/13/11-12/12/11 bill. In addition, the ensuing bills for Dec., 2011-Jan., 2012 and Jan-Feb., 2012 are also to be credited at that $20/mo, so the total outstanding credit due me is now $60.00.

What part of this math and/or 2 year credits does this group not understand? It’s fairly simple and had anyone bothered to go back and look at this service (any of the original bills since Jan., 2011), you would have found the error in a matter of seconds. That it is now 8 months of phone calls and e-mails is just unbelievable. If you can’t handle the calculation, have a supervisor contact me since I am sick of this nonsense. I’ll be posting this on the customer website as well as sending a copy to the public utility commission that oversees Verizon’s business license in the State of Virginia. Henceforth, do whatever it is you need to do to put that $20/mo credit back on my bills from the next billing (Feb-Mar., 2012) thru and including the Aug-Sept., 2012 bill. Can Verizon deal with this unbelievably easy-to-settle situation after 8 months now that I had to explain it again for about the 15th time?


Dear Confused,

No, I dont work for Cox. In fact, I am no fan of cable companies at all, having suffered with Comcast for 15 years.

I mentioned my Cox experience to show that I am not just "sour grapes" about Verizon, and to demonstrate that it is possible to get satisfactory service from a communications service provider. In fact, since I wrote my original article, I had a problem with the fancy combination modem wireless router that I chose because it was the latest and greatest. The Cox tech came out that same afternoon, and he advised me to go to a separate Cisco modem plus Netgear wireless router, both tried and true, which he installed on the spot. He sat with me and we tested the modem and wireless link with various speed and quality tests just to confirm that it was working great.

No, I dont work for Cox, I'm just a working guy that doesnt want to waste my time and get aggravation from my communications services. Frankly, it is inconceivable to me that you are satisfied with Verizon as all Verizon US customer service goes through the same crappy 800 number and the same broken accounting and customer service processes I described.

Good luck with that! -- DJ Arnoldo


I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. I must be blessed because I've never had a bad experience with Verizon nor their employees.

However, I have to wonder about the fact that at the end you almost sound like someone who might work for Cox Communications touting how wonderful they are...

They aren't so wonderful where I live.

We consistently have internet problems every six months and have to call to have a service guy come out. They either tinker with the cable box or tighten the cables in the junction box and then our INTERNET is supposedly fixed, but only for the next six months.

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