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easier to just paste the email I sent to verizon officials as it explains the story.

As im not sure who to write about this at your company and phone calls have gotten me nowhere, i am emailing everyones email i found on the consumerist directory.On 6/25 of this year I made a call regarding our service and cancelling our landline as we dont use it and need to save money. I spoke with a mr.

Morris, one of your customer service reps. I explained to him we wanted to keep dsl just have no need for the landline. His reply to me and scare tactics were something I would have never expected in a million years from any business. His first reply was "at Verizon we like to make sure our customers are aware of a few things when not having a landline.

I hear kids in the background. What if you were to find your child DEAD or seriously hurt and didnt have the phone to call 911" flabbergasted I replied we have cell phones to which he replied " they dont teach kids to use cell phones in school, what if something serious happens to you and you are unconscience and unable to call your kids wouldnt know what to do" Needless to say that call ended there. I am so disappointed and appauled at all of this. Especially the comment about finding my child dead.....guess he doesnt know i have a child with life threatening seizures.....either way to use these scare tactics on ANY customer is in no way acceptable or possibly even legal.

I demand action and a simple sorry will not cut it. I will be contacting the PUC in pennsylvania and filing a complaint, I am also drafting an article to several sites including, i will not submit these till i see your reply and I will be adding what action has been taken and what compensation is given. You have on each phone call that this may be recorded and I am hoping that 1 was so you may hear it for yourself. I await a reply and hope this given a top priority as comcast is looking better for all our needs.

We just started service with you in December and this is the 2nd time we have had problems. First they turned off phoneservice on the day i said i would pay in the AM. Your cs rep saw what happened and did not charge us for reconnection as it should have never been d/ced. I believe 24 hours is more then enough time to receive a reply.

Again I am deeply disappointed in verizon. You may contact me by replying to this email or you may call.

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