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Last month, Verizon sent us a "congratulations" letter for signing up for warranty services for our tv and computer. We never signed up for this. Sure enough, they pushed $20 onto our bill for a service that we don't want. Thanks Verizon. After spending 50 minutes with customer service, I had this bill taken off.

This month, Verizon decided to bill us for gaming services - another $20. Really? Are you allowed to bill us for things that we don't want? Do I have to babysit my bill each and every month due to Verizon's crooked behavior? Are there not laws that cover us for being charged.

They have taken advantage of their monopoly position and know that most people don't scrutinize their bill. I am shocked and will be filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This behavior has to stop: my bill hasn't been right in 4 months and each and every month, I have to ask for credits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Tv Service.

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I hate Verizon. Is there another phone service in.

Pa. That I canuse


They're criminals, akin to the mafia. I loathe them with such a passion I find it hard to put into words.


First off verizon's cust. service is a JOKE!!

These uneducated jerks put you on hold and if they dont like your complaint they hang up on you. I tried to get a refund from a pre-paid card we bought. The phone broke the day we bought the card. So instead of refunding the money to my card so we could get another phone and buy a card for it, they cancelled the service.

Thus erasing any history of loaded money on the acct.(so they say). I went to 2 stores and no one could help. Why are there people in there???

How are these scallywags still in business??? Wake up America!!!


maybe Onewhoknows can elucidate the following, which may add to the Snakes half of the Snakes vs. Crooks debate.

My husband goes into a VZW store b/c he's having problems with his phone. The guy starts to help, pulls up our file, and his demeanor changes completely. This is astonishing because we are decent, well-behaved people. There has only been 1 episode where things have gotten testy when I told VZW REPEATEDLY to stop calling me (regularly at work), recommending I add a text plan.

I told them I would call them if I wanted one.

Does that make us problematic customers? It's really offensive.


My spouse works for verizon and this happens everyday. Their "customer Service" people are actually bonus-driven, salespeople.

Without coming right out and saying it, the management doesnt give a d@mn about your issues, only sales. They are rode like pack mules to meet high sales goals and cramming happens on a daily basis. Grandmas without computers are sold internet, etc. on and on.

When enough customers call and push complaints on a particular rep, they fire them, although the union gets their job back at least once.

The company creates, faciltates, and encourages unethical behavior, then feigns shock and surprise when caught. If Verizon is your only choice, once you get your bill right, NEVER CALL THEM AGAIN TO AVOID THESE TYPE OF SITUATIONS!!!

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