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Beyond being stolen from, lied to and having Verizon reps make commitments they fail to keep, there is a major issue that needs to be pointed out. It is this: When you are put on hold (always for a LONG time) you hear crummy 1980s elevator music, and it is ALWAYS distorted as if it were playing on a badly tuned-in radio.

This is the point: The bad quality of sound is deliberate and is scienticifically designed (behaviorist psychologists) to make you so miserable you will hang up.

Verizon is on the far Satanic side of the metaphysical realm. Watch out.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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YOu are right it is a corrupt, satanic corp. and they listen in & record your phone calls and read your verizon e-mail - Do not use your Verizon E-mail acct.

- sat least for anything important like sending out resumes. They broke into my G-Mail acct. from their Ashburn office, Yes, g-Mail has a Security Feature that let's you see if any unauthorized have logged into your acct. (It will be designated by an "Alert" notation) Someone at Verizon Ashburn Headquaters had broken into my e-mail 2 times!

I had a Verizon landline & I-Net service and they totally invaded my privacy. I now have a diferant I-Net service and I suggest getting a MagicJack or Vonage for your phone. I don't know what they got goin there - Could it be a black-mail or ID theft crew? I called FBI and reported it and ceased service with them immediately and wish I had done it 15-20 years ago!

I now have peace and quiet - no constant tellamarketers and debt collectors (for people I don't know) all day long.

If you want Privacy and peace of mind you do NOT want Verizon! Oh, and thier so-called "security dept" is for their OWN security - not YOU the Customer...I discovered that way too late too!

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