Verizon sent me an E-Mail with a price quote for a year for my FIOS services, plus equipment. I got the price reduction after telling them I was going to switch to Time Warner because Verizon jacked up my rates =20%, for no reason.

They transferred me to a "specialist", who gave me the new rates, and E-Mailed me the estimated bill. Verizon still will not correct my bill to anywhere near the estimated amount quoted, by E-Mail to me. 3 months now. Many, many phone calls.

Even driving down to the local Verizon Plus store. They did not want to even look at the printed E-Mail quote I had. No one has a clue how to give me the quoted pricing. They cannot even accept an E-Mail showing the quote, or a fax.

The reps also cannot accept return, or follow up phone calls.

What a joke for a global "communications" company! Poor to crappy customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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