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When I came back to Verizon six months ago I cannot believe how much they have changed as this company has became horrible as if it's in a third world country the way they conduct business. I'm about to sign up with someone else because Verizon Wireless literally sucks now and our customer support is just as bad as their service.

I've been with them for the last six months and my bill has been different amount every single month and they have been trying to Crown additional charges on to my bill they even went as far to put me on the above unlimited plan and my current build is 145 without my authorization and I told them they better change my plan back to the two-year agreement of the 55 Senior plus plan which is 60 a month and then they try to BS me and tell me they no longer have that plan. Really that's BS because my sister among other people has that plan and in the first place they are the ones to change my plan unauthorized.

At one point they charged me for cloud in which I have no idea how to even use that and then at another point they tried to charge me for some other BS security crap and then at another Point some kind of Premium voicemail. They have totally changed since the last time I've used them and I will never ever never ever go back to using this sorry company and I've also filed a complaint with the FCC and plan on taking them to small claims court to get back my money they stole from me.

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