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Let me start with the worst..

I just had enough of them and asked them to cancel the service. The support guy (Chad) said he will transfer me, and just dropped my call right away!

Just a few minutes before that he just lied to me that I was under contract when I said I wanted to cancel. I believe it was an intentional lie and not an error - he immediately corrected when I confronted.

They have been charging me $99.99 for the service - automatically upgraded me from local channels only to that plan without my knowledge.

They are still charging me for two set-top boxes - I returned one a while back, and called up twice before to remove the charge - they always say they will remove and call to confirm, but they never do.

Almost always they take a while to locate my account - I just have TV and Internet with them, and they can't locate it. When they finally locate it, they say they can associate my phone number with it, but that just doesn't work the next time.

When I moved, they silently upgraded my account.

I used to be able to recieve local channels without their setup box, but it just stopped working all of a sudden, and they made me rent their set-top box.

I'm mad - is there a way to take legal action against them?!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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I am fed up with fios too I am about to cancel but I want to get my credits for a 2nd dvr they sent me to replace the one that stopped working. I am going back to DTV they have the best packages and don't screw over the customer. They have on demand now so it's good bye verizon.

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