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So finally verizon 'backed down' from trying to charge folks another $2. However, I just got a bill from Verizon and they 'jacked on' another 99 cents to my account thinking I would not notice.

This 99 cents is supposed to be for Administrative Fees. I promptly filed online complaints with the FTC, FCC and the Washington Attorney General Office on January 18th. Does Verizon think we are *** Consumers or do they know that since they are so big that they can simply 'get away' with this ***. 99 cents is not much but multiply that amount by millions who use Verizon and see what they make as pure profit.

More gouging of the consumers. Someone just called me from the Irvine CA Verizon HQ and wished to speak with me about my FTC complaint and he said he needed to 'record the conversation for training purposes'. So I said that I too needed to record this conversation for 'training purposes' and he declined to allow me to do that. So I said I wish to have a transcript then of the recording for training purpose recording and he said no.

Boy they just get everything their way don't they? Anyone else notice their new way of trying to get more money from us? Administrative fee of 99 cents...MY BUTT!

Everyone needs to file complaints with the FCC and FTC so they get in trouble for this!!!! Lets remind Verizon why their stockholders and CEOs make's because we the consumers buy their product and with all of us banding together to put a stop to this greed....maybe we can make a difference for the real people in this country not the CEOs!

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Your an ***.

Every cell company charges that same admin fee. It is a required goverment fee not a choice by Verizon Wireless.

But then you would say something like, Verizon should eat the cost then and not charge the people.

As you said above that would relate to millions of dollars. So where does the company then recoup that loss? Increasing your monthly bills.


They don't you record the call because it can be potentially manipulated. But what I find funny is you complained, they called you back to help out and you think they are the problem.

The company that listens to your complaints. Rare these days.

...cell phones are lexury. I wonder if you guys complain about gas prices at the pump and tell them to lower the prices because of surcharges


I called Verizon about the $.99/line administrative fee and was told it was for satellite networking". I asked why the $9.99/line did not cover that? After arguing for 30 minutes they reversed the charged. On my next bill I was also credited for the effect on

Other Fees & surcharges -.21

State Tax -.13

Local Tax -.06

Clearly this is a bogus fee that goes directly to Verizon's bottom line since it is taxed.


After calling Verizon Wireless about this exact issue, and having my bill increase three months in a row because of increased Universal Service Fee and the now increased Administrative Fee, I was told by one of their employees that a portion of that Administrative fee goes to fund the 'free' cell phone plans for the poor. I understand that the Universal Service Fee is also being used to fund this.

I am tired of paying for someone else to have a 'free' cell phone and minutes, when it is becoming more and more difficult to manage what I pay in full every month for four phones!..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! I also read that the pre-pay customers do not pay this charge. I am not 100% sure if that is true, but once again, the devoted LONG TIME customers are again not appreciated at all.

They had to somehow make up the money that the 'lost fee' for paying your bill online would have brought them. Perhaps it is time for a big change!

to Pam #758624

"I am tired of paying for someone else to have a 'free' cell phone and minutes"

Just to set you straight, That free call is for 911 calls from any cell device active or not. Donated phones are give to battered shelters to be given out to those that do not feel safe and those free minutes can only be used to make emergency calls. My friend received one of those devices.

You disgust me by complaining before you learn the facts.


My sister was told that the money was kept in a separate account so if a tower goes down they use that money. They also said the government had told them to do it.

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