I picked up the balance on a previous bill instead of the current balance when paying my Verizon land line bill. Subsequently I was charged a $7.00 late fee because the bill was paid on time, but underpaid by $0.17.

Customer service told me after a long wait, they COULD NOT waive the fee. I have had my current number for over 7 years, and have never been late in a payment. That doesn't matter. I requested my account be terminated, and the same rep cheerfully arranged for that.

Verizon obviously does not want land line customers anymore, or they are still in a mindset when they didn't have competition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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If you call Verizon and be nice, I am sure they will credit you the $7. They have been very accomodating to me when I have had issues.

You people really need to give Corps.. a chance to make it right before you complain to everyone.


I agree with DUH. That is the way of their policy. :sigh :cry :(


They DONT have any competition for landlines. You can't call up ATT and have them give you phone service when you are in a Verizon landline area. Can't happen.

Secondly; the $7 fee is a very low fee. BOA charges a $25 overdraft fee for a .01 overdraft.

Thirdly; if you are so concerned about the $7 late payment fee, then why didn't you read your contract to find out about it before? And on top of that; why weren't you looking at your current bills and paying them in full?

Obviously you just didn't care. And now you are paying the price. This is your fault and 100% legal and rightly done by Verizon.

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