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One Verizon call cost me $615.

On January 02, 2010 my wife and myself were impressed upon by a Verizon FIOS salesman to buy FIOS which would in effect combine the capabilities of my DSL and my Verizon telephone service into one package. The agreement over the phone was made around December 15, 2009. I was told the transfer would be smooth, a technician would come in and seamlessly install the new hardware and the old DSL would end and FIOS would take over immediately. I was told at the most I would be out of service for a few hours. As it happened the communication between the Verizon FIOS salesman and Verizon Technical Services was unclear and I was left without internet for 2 weeks. This was the first glitch.

The second glitch is as follows. Prior to obtaining FIOS Verizon, I had Verizon only for Local calls. I had no long distance service through Verizon. For all my long distance calls I went through a calling card number which I mandatorily had to dial because Verizon long distance was unavailable to me. When I changed to FIOS Verizon, we were told that long distance would be free. This was not particularly a big deal, because through my calling card access number I could call India at 10 Cents per minute and my wife could call China at a cost as low as 2 cents per minute.

On February 16, 2010, I made a long distance 90 minute call to India. This was the first long distance international call I made after purchasing FIOS only 45 days earlier. Since we were told that FIOS Verizon had no long distance charges as the package deal included free long distance I did not expect that this call would be charged $615.16. In fact it was. Particularly because through my calling card a 90 minute call would have cost me a maximum amount of $ 9.00 (10 cents/ minute). After FIOS had told me and my wife that long distance was free, we were SHOCKED to note that they had charged us $615.16 for just this one call. This long distance International call cost me $6.83 cents per minute ($615/90 = 6.80 per minute).

I told Verizon customer service that the FIOS deal was not correctly explained to me, and that me making this call through Verizon was inadvertent, under a miscommunication on the part of the salesman. THEY REFUSED TO REMOVE THIS COST OFF MY BILL.

Sooner or later RIPOFFS like these will come to haunt Verizon I believe as they pursue fast cash at the cost of customer service. We all know how TOYOTA has been hurt by being less than honest with their product. RIPOFFS like these will turn to haunt VERIZON.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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Go buy a calling card, it's very cheap! For $20 you can talk over 2 hours


Same situation with me. I have spent more than 1 hour trying to get the $432 charge reduced but of no avail.

I am from Maryland.

Would like some leads to get some relief.


As it so happens. I signed nothing.

it was all done over the phone.

The papers that were sent were sent after the event.

Thank you


Clearly you didn't read the contract you signed. You're lucky they were nice enough to drop it.


I took the Case to MARYLAND CONSUMER PROTECTION SERVICE. They advocated for me and after much wrangling the charge was dropped.

The letter stating why the charge was dropped coincided with my initial arguement, which earlier they refused to accept.

Consumer advocacy is necessary. Coperate crime is a fact.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #164073


Ever tried trying to understand that a 90 minute call would NEVER be $615? No you didn't, because you're as *** as you are arrogant.

Sabreu is getting cheated by Verizon.

I hope he didn't pay that bill. I wouldn't have.


Come on man... You don't know the difference between long distance and international calling?

Perhaps you should have mentioned you make international calls when ordering. You messed up.


I was charged $216 for a 32 min call. It is outrageous!!


What state are you in? Did you ask to speak with a supervisor?

That seems unbelieveable that they would not help you out with that error.

Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia #122198

Ever try reading your contract? You musty be an *** to think that calls to India would be included in regular long distance calling. Cant you call someone by just pushing that button on your forehead?

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