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I have been with verizon since '09, and now notice that I am paying not only more for the same family plan for the 700 min $69.98/ which is suppost to enclude 2 phones free, which is on their web pg, instead of that my bill puts me $80.00 for plan x 2@$9.99 each for phones. Ever since I have been looking at my bill insted of it going down, like verizon told me awhile ago that my bill would go down, it went up by charging me more on verizon taxes etc., when they charge ya for the plan & $9.99 x 2.

What is this plan u r paying so much money for?

Especially when you r paying for more minutes than you use, we pay for 700 minutes but only use around 200 each and every month. We should get txt free, but that word not in verizon's vocabulary, they charge us $30.00 more on bill. I know my bill is not as high as some, but $111.80, is alot more than I would care to pay for the 200 minutes that I use.... I am going to see when I can change my plans.

I will change to the $69.99 x 2 phones encluded and I am going to get only the $5.00 txt plan, cause if u only txt & receive txt from verizon, you won't go over your txt. Wanted to let everyone know why Verizon bill goes up

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People are so ***! "I don't wanna pay more because I don't use the whole plan".....

It's called you pay for what you sign up for.

The 700 minute plan is the lowest Family Share. You either the whole 700 minutes or you don't, but either way you signed up for the plan so you are responsible for paying for the plan.

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