Verizon took over Alltel Wireless in May or June....about July 20th or so I noticed a significant decrease in internet speed. I use Alltel MobileLink with my computer.

I think Verizon decreased my Broadband length as the service has become so slow that I might just drop the service entirely...its faster than dial up by about 10%...and friends THAT IS SLOW! I will never return to dial-up.

Verizon offers three different wireless internet speeds to customers..I think they are moving the old Alltel consumer to the slowest Internet they have to influence them to pay MORE! WHAT A RIPOFF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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Same thing here. All verizon does is lie, lie, lie, excuse, excuse, excuse. We have been through several air cards, credits, you name it, but the problem is never corrected. If anything, it's getting worse and worse.

It is now obvious that they caused it on purpose. Thinking they will force Alltel customers into opting for verizon "plans". They are actually always trying to get us to "upgrade" out of our Alltel contract to metered service! Do people actually pay them amounts in excess of $100.00 per month for internet that isn't unlimited?!?!

They tell us that they don't even offer unlimited use internet at all, and act like they are doing us some kind of favor by "letting" us have unlimited use internet like our contract states we get. Except now it's at speeds that are 1/3 of what they were before, and most of the time slower than dialup at several times the price.

Switch to verizon, where they take you back to the year 1994 while charging you car payment prices!


The same thing happend to us.I am very unhappy with there service.


what has happened is that they have not put the software in the skycard. You have to ask them alot of times but if ou find the right person they can download it to you in 3-5 business days. I know I had them do it for mine


We had Alltel sevice for several years, you might drop a call every other month, now since verizon has taken over I will have five or six dropped calls every day. I think they have turned the power down on their towers, I have a tower apout one mile away, everybody I talk to is having the same problem.


The same thing happened to me, after Verizon took over my internet speed dropped under dialup speed. They gave me excuses and even lied to me.

I have filed my complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I want out of my Alltel contract so I can get another provider, I'm not giving my money to Verizon the liars and makers of excuses.

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