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Their billing is deceptive! I went from T-Mobile to Verizon because of their coverage.

The price I'm paying is not worth it. I had to get a new phone because i cracked the glass on the first one I purchased from them - a Samsung. Verizon sold me a Motorola Droid. It would shut itself down.

The last time it did, it said no sim card. So I took the sim card out and put it back in but when i did, it came loose from the holder and got jammed. I tried getting the sim card out by putting the holder prongs around the sim card but it didn't work. I went to Verizon and they tried to get it out with a paperclip and scratched it up!

They couldn't get it out and ordered another Droid under warranty. I got the new (refurbished) Droid and they put the same sim card in! The new (?) phone started acting up again so they put a new sim card in and did not charge me the ten bucks. Manager had to put it in five times before it would work.

Didn't even get two steps out the door and it was not working right. The other salesman said it was acting "glitchy". They told me they would get me another phone under warranty but it would be another Droid! I said no.

Verizon sold me a defective phone and replaced it with another defective phone - why would I want another Droid. So in order to get a different phone, I had to pay 75 percent of the rest of my contract on the Droid!!!! For them giving me two defective phones!!!! As far as I'm concerned, they broke their contract by giving me two defective phones!

I had to pay $343.61. Then i was told I had to pay another $69.80 for the tax on the new phone after I was told I was only going to have to pay $343.61! I wasn't given the paperwork until i was ready to go out the door as you sign a screen with NOTHING on it and have to believe what Verizon tells you.

When I read the paper work, the tax was $49.80 and the set up was $20.00. Deception again!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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