I called Verizon to get high speed internet and phone. They took my order and processed it, and advised that the service will be available at a certain date. I canceled my other internet provider just to receive an email from Verizon saying that their service is not in available for my address and that my order was canceled.

I called 7 months later to ask if the service is now available and clearly stated the previous issue, and they assured me that the service is now available no doubt. Soon enough, the same thing happened; and what it worse is that they even know what the real issue is. Their system says that the service is available but they come back and say we don't why is not available. I have been on the phone for over 30 minutes and was getting transferred to different departments with long holds and having to explain the issue over and over every time I get transferred.


I don't think I'll ever call Verizon for any service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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P.S. Don't cancel ANY service until you get your new service installed.

Sales reps with Verizon are sitting at a PC sometimes hundreds of miles from you.

They have no clue. They only tell you what the computer is telling them.


Your first mistake was to go for Verizon's DSL or (*** Slow Line). Go for broadband with your cable tv provider.It may be a bit more expensive but it's more reliable AND faster than DSL. I was a verizon tech for over 20 years before I retired and I didn't have DSL because I saw all the problems customers were having with the service.

DSL is not available in all areas especially if you reside in a rural area. They have to install DSLAM in a CEV or HUT where the electonics are that provide the service to your area. And because of the cost they will not always install the equipment because they don't get a good return on the money spent if the customer base is limited.

Good luck

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