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I work for a company that heavily relies on tele-commuters. In my capacity I deal with almost every ISP nationwide on a weekly basis. Verizon is by far the worst, in terms of customer service. Hands down, no-one else is even close. Their employee's are poorly trained, and often can not answer basic questions. And if you want to wait the extra half hour to talk to a supervisor they will be of no more help, then the first few people you get transfered around between.

You would think that "Business Class Service" they would understand that you are trying to run one, and they should be too. Being without service for days on end is not acceptable.

When possible, I place orders for new serivce to be installed at least 2 weeks before I actually need them. They are usually about a week delayed. The standard excuse is that "the order did not flow through the process correctly". Which really is no excuse at all. It's basically just admitting that their business is run very poorly.

If they tell you to expect a call back, when they have isolated the problem, forget about it. Jesus is coming back before that call. Out of the dozens if not hundreds of times I have heard that, I have never once received a call back.

Status updates never seem to be available until things are magically fixed, with no explination as to what was wrong in the first place. By that point I am usually just glad that things are working and that I can get off the phone with them. Considering the list of things I would rather do then talk to Verizon support includes but is not limited to: walking on broken glass, doing taxes, and listening to K-Fed's album on repeat for days on end.

In short if there is any other option in the area other than Verizon DSL, take it. Even if it is cheaper, it will end up costing you more in time lost to downtime

As I have been typing this up, I have been trying to get through to somebody for an update on a ticket. I guess I asked too many questions, they put me through to somebodies voicemail when they told me I was being transfer to a supervisor. There goes another 45 minutes down the drain.

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the worst customer service. prepare to be on the phone for well over an hour, transferred to the wrong departments 10 times and then on hold for 30 minutes when you finally reach the right department


We must be twins in different cities. We have the exact same problem (different type of business though).

I'm currently on the phone with them, 1 hour in so far, talking about the same issue (not having phone and internet service for 2 weeks!) and was even transferred to the SAME woman who told me she would return my call last week. Everyone I talk to tells us something different (we can't find your account, the original price you were quoted was incorrect...etc.) Ahh! Headache! And most of all, the time spent on dealing with this issue is time we can't get back.

We have cancelled our service, will be writing to corporate, and will be, begrudgingly, calling Comcast for service (at a lower price than Verizon was offering...). So much for customer service or having some kind of coordination in a company!

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