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My hubby and I order the bundle pack through verizon and thought it was great.A few months later we recive a bill from Direct TV for 303.89 and said their sevices were not paid for.Verizon did not bundle the package correctly so they never paid Direct TV.I was this whole time paying verizon for the complete pack which included Direct TV.Where did my money go?I called Verizon and they told me it was a direct TVs problem and when I called Direct TV they directed me back to Verizon because it was Verizon who bundled all the sevices into one bill.Now in order to get my dish services back I have to pay the whole 303.89 plus reconnect charges of 100.oo which I shouldn't have to pay at all if someone would have done their job right the first time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $303.

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I signed with Verizon for bundle pack they sent direct TV out to me I had contract with Verizon not them received two separate bills one from each both were over 200.00 dollars supposed to be 99.00 plus tax got the same run around cancelled both paid Verizon but still get calls from Direct TV

New Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States #686081

I cancelled my bundled Verizon and DirecTV services in August of 2012 I received a final bill in Sept of 2012 and paid it. Next thing I know in December of 2012 I get a letter from a collection agency for unpaid charges to Verizon and then another from another collection agency for DirecTV unpaid charges.

Per DTV they say that Verizon paid them and then took the $ back?! Verizon is then trying to collect me for apparently the same exact $! I disputed the charges and heard nothing. Few months later 2 DIFFERENT collection agencies contact me.

UNBELIEVABLE! A year later and I am still fighting this!!!


PAY YOUR BILL I have found the best way is to get them in the pocket book. Pay them $1.00, then pay $1.01, then $1.02 etc... this way they will pay excessive transaction fees to the credit card companys, revenge is sweet


My brother had nothing but trouble with his bundle of Verizon & DirectTV. When they began charging him much more than the bundle cost, they told him he didn't have the bundle package!

Although he had emails thanking him for taking the Triple Play bundle, when he tried to resolve it, he got the bounce around like others here, "it's Verizon, no it's DirecTV". Despite this, I wanted to change my TV service so today I called Verizon inquiring about the bundle for DirectTV, internet & phone. Well, I got a customer service rep who was obviously eating at the time, & didn't seem real bright, in that he was completely honest, not something I would think Verizon would want him to be. He quoted me a much higher price than what was advertised.

I point blank asked him, so the price advertised doesn't exist? He answered "no". He said the bundle didn't include TV (although on the website it clearly stated it did) and told me he didn't know what DirectTV would charge me on top of the Verizon charges, that he didn't have that info and he didn't know anything about why they advertise it at a different price. So, I called DirectTV with the same question regarding the bundle.

After wading through the most high-pressure sales pitch I've heard in many years, he too admitted they did not know how much Verizon would charge me for their services. When I did put the two quotes together, it was $25 more a month than the advertised bundle price.

Needless to say this is bait & switch, & somehow they are getting away with it! Buyer beware!


I got into this bundle also,but it was Direct TV who caused the problems.They are NOT SUPPOSED TO BILL THE CUSTOMER!!! All services are billed through Verizon.Direct TV billed me for double the bundle price,then it tripled.I had it disconnected after less than two weeks,but they kept billing me,and I kept throwing the bills in the trash,which I will continue to do.Verizon told me the bills would all come from them...not Direct TV.I figure they were hoping people would be crazy enough to pay both,so they could get double the money!!Oh yes,when you need to talk to someone about the customer complaint number...(never the toll free will get a Phillipino)If there is ever a lawsuit,count me in...just to let the country know what Direct TV is pulling.


I have had verizon for over 10 years. Thought that the bundle was the way to go, my bill was over $230 month.

How the heck can they get away with this. The bill has progressively went up over the last year. I ordered NFL package last year and my bill went up $30 month and has not went down. To boot, it was a promotion and was not supposed to cost anything and I questioned them about it several time over the phone.

I really don't think that they have any clue what goes on, they just press buttons and say OK, you got it.

Never doing another bundle again. Huge scams........


Same Exact Problem here. They did the SAME Thing to us, call direct TV, no call Verizon, it's not our fault, it's not our fault- huge phone maze.

So finally I called verizon to just cancel the bundle. When I went to termimiate it, (they were supposed to keep my internet service only) They cut that off without my permission and then charged me a 'new account fee' to have my internet back. Such a huge sham.

I'd be happy to join a lawsuit. It took me hours on the phone with them and I still got screwed over.


They did the same exact thing to us.....kept sending us back and forth from one company to the other....we just cancelled and went with Dish...


I have been a Verizon customer for 15+ years. Because money is tight, I called to downgrade services. I did not use my home phone and I wanted to cancel my interent with them because that is through the home phone. They ended up talking me into this "huge savings" bundle package that let me keep my existing services but add the Direct TV and me cancel Comcast. I asked them if that was a satellite because I have trees around me. The Verizon customer service agent said not to worry because most of the time it is not an issue and if for some reason they came out and I could not get reception, the whole package would be cancelled.

Direct TV came, I did not have a south facing view. The technician said he had to submit it to his supervisor and then they would automatically cancel my service. No need to do a thing. After receiving my Verizon bill, it was sky high. I called them and was disconnected 5 times. I finally got in touch with someone the next morning. After over two hours on the phone and being passed along to unumerous people, they told me I waited to long to call. I said "Why do I need to call, you and your partner Direct TV said it was automatic because I did not qualify"! They said because I did not call them to tell them Direct TV did not work, I was placed into the regular customer group. I said "you mean the more expensive, no special deals group?" She said yes. I said, "Why didn't you place me back in the package I was with prior to not qualifying for your recommended bundle package deal"? She said it was my fault for not calling them. I cancelled my Verizon home phone and internet with them and they said fine, you owe us for breaking your contract or an early termination fee. I said "What? I have been with you for over 15 years and did not qualify for the package you talked me into"! She said I used the interenet and home phone service, I said "Yes, I have had the phone for over 15 years and the internet for about 6 years how is that considered early termination"? She said the new bundle package that I ordered ended the package I had been in for all of those years.

For those of you who have kept on reading this, you can see where this all ended up. Me getting bent over. Corporate big bully business pushing customers around. I had never been late on a payment, had many services with Verizon, and this is how they treated me. I am NOT paying an early termination fee, screw my credit, I don't care. Anyone who wants to join me in a lawsuit, write back here with more details. No Verizon spy's your not welcome besides, don't you think you have gouged citizens enough with your dishonest business practices?


I'm having the same problem. We just move in to a new home in December we had just called to signed up for Direct TV when my husband fine out about the bundle pack.

He called Verizon to see what it was all they told him not to call direct TV they would take care of the joining of they that was the first biggest mistake now I have at first I'm getting bills form both company 3months later I have one bill but I still getting bills for past mouth & future months & the deal I got form Verizon direct TV won't honor it. now my bill was to be 90.00 a month is now 259.00 I thing this is such a injustice.

When I cal they pay the blame game. It not me call the other guy.


wow,,,And I was gonna get n e more.They haven t hooked me up yet Its been over two weeks ...guess what????I'm done .I'll just keep Brighthouse ;)


I too had the same problem with verizon. I signed up for 74.99 package and the first three months was overcharged various amounts up to 180.00 and when i called, they said rebates were not retroactive.

at that point, i cancelled my bundle and i am still stuck with direct tv but i wrote a letter to Utility commission in Harrisburg and so far have received $40.00 credit and the final response has not been given yet. the intial bills were so complicated i needed an accountant to translate them.

also, when i ordered the bundle the service tech had no idea what she was talking about and the other service reps seem so burnt out with the issue, they are so rude just to get you off the phone. i got the feeling they deal with alot of bundle problem calls yes, class action or something needs to be done.


That is unbelievable :x

My BF also had a bundle pack (internet and land phone). he was told that it is cheaper to get bundle even tho he told them he doesnt have land line phone and all he needs is his cellphone.

He got a bill of more than $100 a month and he finanlly noticed it is no way cheaper than just getting internet. They were simply tyring to sell him what he doesnt need clearly.

So he called Verizon to fix this problem. But he stayed online for more than one hour to talk to the supervisor, since other reps were helpless and telling all different kinda things. The supervisor said he has to pay for the first two month bill of 200 since he used it already for a month but he can cancell it, get connected with just internet service and get credit for the second month, which is a half of what he had paid...&100.

Next month he got credit only for $67...which is def. less than what he was supposed to, but he just doesnt want to deal with it anymore so he settled with this amount.


We have been so screwed over by Verizon and their so called bundle package. Is anyone out there interested in possibly filing a class action lawsuit against Verizon for their terrible service and lies?

They unbundled us because we did not pay our bill in 8 days and have been billing us separately for phone, internet and Direct TV since October. They insist we ordered 2 phone lines and the bill (for phone) is now over $500.00 since October 20, 2008. We have never used the phone other than to fax locally. The TV cable bill is outrageous and they said we have to pay $400.00 to cancel it and because they turned off the phone for non-payment they said we have to pay an early disconnection fee for the internet.

We have been calling them since October 28th with NO success. Basically told too bad.

Make a payment and we will help you. My e-mail coladkisson at yahoo dot com

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