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I signed up for the Verizon Bundle about a year ago, thinking it would save me money. After noticing a NFL direct ticket charge $49.99 on my bill, I called to try and get it removed. First let me say when you call 1-800-Verizon, you get a phone maze that is worst than any I have ever tried to navigate through. Once you do get a real person (Average for me was about 15 minutes of phone mazing) you get someone who barely speaks english or that you cannot understand over 1/2 the time. If you have ever called Verizon just once, you know what I am talking about.

So once I got through (It took me a few tries) I was told I could not remove the charge because the season already started. I explained I never asked for NFL direct ticket or wanted it, and they said it's part of the promo. So, I decided to cancel my 'bundle' except for my internet.

After, another 30 minutes of 'cancelling' I was all set, no more home phone, no more direct TV, no more bundle, just $24.99 a month for internet.

Only when I arrived home on Friday, surprise, my internet was cut off. I tried calling Verizon but they were already closed. (This was after you get through the 15 minute phone maze again, only to be told that they were closed- thanks.

I called again Saturday Morning to be told that I'd need to open a new account because my old one was 'cancelled' at my request. They wanted to check my credit score which I did not want them to do because I'm buying a house.

Long story short, 1 hour and 23 minutes later (Yes I timed it) I had a 'new' order with 'new' service for my internet which I've had for over a year.

As soon as I move, I'll be cancelling my internet service, and I'll have to pay some new contract fee which I don't want, but I don't have a choice because I didn't have time to wait to get another company to come hook up my internet. I needed it for work and hope it will be turned on today when I get home or I'm going to be even more upset.

I will NEVER use verizon again. Ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

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I am a business owner and I have experienced time and time again the lies, deceptiveness of Verizon Phone Service, FIOS, DSL, Cable; they actually told my employees that I was fradulent? They violated my rights by calling people who were not the owner and telling them I am a fraud, I am filing a lawsuit against presently for accessesing 3rd party information, defamation of character, Consumer Fraud, misleading forth and so on, their is presently a lawsuit for consumers to file against Verizon; please be aware that they did receive government help for the new FIOS technology, it is misleading, they will tell you you have to have FIOS which is a lie!

The FIOS service is not what it is supposed to be, they are in debt big time with the government; when they offer you a reward and they dont honor it, then they have violated the contract and there are so many lies, please contact me at for more information. They are deceptive and big time liars.........and The Bush Administration funded them also, so they want to keep the taxes low for Verizon, the BIG BAD VERIZON.....VeryVERY DECEPTIVE!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #204048

I too have had the worst experiences with ignorant customer service reps. I usually have it "escalated" and finally get some results after spending an hour to an hour and a half requiring several calls. Where is our CA PUC?

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