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We signed up for Verizon's triple bundle package, thinking we would save money on our monthly bills, our monthly bill was to be $89.00. Our first bill was a whopping $400.00 (Not A Savings!).

We have tried for weeks,yes, weeks to get this fixed. We keep getting the run around. We are transferred from one department after the other, each saying it is not their department. Our second bill is $271.00.

We are at our wits end.

No one at Verizon will take responsibility for this problem.

My advice is Do Not Change over to Verizon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

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I don't have any complaints about amount, but being able to pay. Their bills come with the wrong account number and I can't access it online.

Then I call, they hang up or transfer me to nowhere. Do they NOT want my money?!


Pay By Phone what a joke first a ten min runaround w/computer then acct # five times then wants inv# which isnt even on the bill.Call cust service twenty min on hold to be disconnected.How about static and garbled music while you wait!!!!


Two years ago my dad had Direct TV and then got a sales pitch for Verizon's Triple Plan which included VIOS TV. The installer removed the Direct TV equipment and must not have made it clear that dad had to cancel the service.

His Verizon bill had always include D-TV and was higher now but he never understood the bill and that he was paying for two TV providers. Now we want to get him a refund ($1800) for service he never used. Any suggestions?

Tried making calls, a waste of time. Bundled billing is not fair for the elderly.


Very interesting. I have the same complaint with almost the same amount owed to Verizon, so they say.

I have terminated my bundle package and seperated my cell phone (Verizon Wireless) and Direct TV bill out of Verizons hands.I have spent no less than 5 hours on the phone trying to get somewhere with Verizon, but no luck. I have tried to use their computer prompts to get to someone that mattered only to be told, "We are sorry but that number is a nonworking number. Please try again." WHAT!!! I was using a Verizon service to get to someone that I thought cared.


I have been put on indefinate hold several times and supervision NEVER picked up. I guess my next stop is the PSC of MD.


i no what you mean about verizon the problem with them is that when you call there number you may get an agent from india,england or whereever verizon is cant speak to the same person because at any given time you wont no who you get...have been dealing with them about a computer issue since march 26 and still havent spoken to the same person twice ..fustrating to have to explain every thing to another agent all the time

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