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Update by user Nov 03, 2011

Folks, you won\'t believe this, but after sending the phone back documented, insured, and signature required, they actually took that $400+ OFF my final bill. I can\'t believe it.

I had envisioned, no, even looked forward to - fighting this out in court with them, because I was definitely willing to go that far to expose Verizon/Asurion\'s shady business practices. They still say I owe them about $26, but I can deal with that to get them the *** out of my life so I can enjoy my unlocked phone - I LOVE that my phone bill is now never more than $20 a month through Pure Talk USA. And NO DATA PLAN!!! So, happy ending here, more or less.

They STILL SUCK, but they\'re out of my life as of today - when I send them that $25.83 final payment.

People, you need to go to Amazon or places like that that sell unlocked phones - I paid about $130 for my unlocked Android 2.2 phone - and then get yourself a decent provider like Pure Talk or Page Plus, and then download the GrooVe IP app so you can make calls over wifi - talk as much as you want (within the U.S., that is) without minutes! If enough of us do this, the Big Bloat cell phone companies will HAVE to take notice at some point!

Update by user Oct 17, 2011

Update: Phone has been sent via UPS, insured and with a signature required, to Verizon via their insurance. I documented the entire phone with multiple pictures, including the inside of the phone where all the identifying numbers are.

It will be interesting to see what happens once they receive the phone. Will they credit my account? Will they continue to harass me with phone calls to pay the $500 they say the phone is worth? I have already paid my final bill, with the exception of all charges and taxes related to the replacement phone.

They are actually getting a great deal, because the phone is in perfect working condition and has been electronically wiped clean, ready for the next Verizon victim. Will update after I receive confirmation that the phone has been delivered to Verizon.

Original review posted by user Sep 16, 2011

Okay, here is my tale: I had a cell phone through Verizon for almost 2 years. I always paid my $75 a month bill ON TIME. This included a monthly fee for "insurance" for my phone, which I requested at the beginning of my contract. My LG NV phone had issues with the speakers and dropped calls for several months before dying completely. I took said phone into Verizon to see what could be done. The first rep said, "Oh that's an insurance issue, that will be $50 for a deductible." I said I'd think about it. When I went back, I talked to a different rep. He informed me that it was an equipment issue, that that particular LG phone had speaker issues among other things, and said he would get me a replacement phone, no charge. At that time, I offered him the dead phone, thinking they could recycle it or find a responsible way of disposing of it. He refused to take the phone, saying they had no use for it, so I took it home and disposed of the phone body, keeping the battery as the rep had told me to do to use in the replacement phone. I got my refurbed replacement phone two days later, put the battery in and all was well. I thought. TWO MONTHS LATER, I log in to my Verizon account to get the exact amount of my bill and see that it's over $500!!!! What????? So I call to find out what this is all about and the CSR tells me that because I didn't return the body of the old phone, I have to pay the $400+ "replacement" fee!!!!! I told them I would NOT pay that, that I offered the phone to the rep in the store and he refused to accept it. The CSR said there was paperwork in the replacement phone box that I should have seen to send the junked phone back. I say there was no such paperwork, that just because they SAY there should have been paperwork in there doesn't mean there WAS paperwork in there. And they wait two months and then bill me over $400? In my research on this situation, I have found more and more evidence that Verizon will tell you ANYTHING that they think will make more money for them. I think this is a new and woefully inadequate way for them to try to rip people off yet again. Then, in examining their website, I find that if you turn in your LG NV phone at the end of your contract, and it's in PERFECT working condition, they will generously send you a Verizon gift card for $13!!!! How is it that they can say it's worth over $400 to them if it's a dead phone, but only worth a $13 gift card if you turn it in in perfect working condition? Now they have locked me out of their web site so I can't retrieve my final bill (I had paperless billing) and so far have not or will not send me a final itemized bill so I can see exactly what my final charges are. They are, however, sending me letters that my account is past due, even though I paid my normal monthly payment this last month. I do plan on sending, via registered and insured mail, the replacement phone that I received which is in perfect condition. I will make sure that I document everything I do as far as getting this phone back to them so that they can't say they didn't receive it or that it arrived broken. Thank God they don't have any of my credit card numbers! I have politely requested, again, a final itemized bill so that I can see exactly what they're trying to charge me over $500 for, but I doubt I'll get that any time soon.

One bright spot, though - I now have an unlocked LG Android smart phone with wi-fi capabilities, the GrooVe IP app, Google Voice, and a phone plan through an independent company that gives you over 100 minutes a month, for $10! And the minutes roll over every month! So I figure I'm saving myself about $55 a month - I'm OUT from UNDER - free at last - if you want to save some serious money on your cell phone bill, research unlocked phones (Amazon is a great place to get them) and do a little research that does NOT include any of the Big Bloat Cell phone companies. So there is a bright side to all this, in the end.

But let me reiterate - VERIZON SUCKS, big time. Period. Don't EVER get sucked into doing business with them - you WILL be sorry, I promise.

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