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If you have VERIZON you should read this. If it has happened to you you should post below.

Verizon should be investigated by the FCC and a class action law suit should be looked into against VERIZON's information services. You and I are paying totals of millions Im sure for no service ever rendered. They are not an information service.. they are a money machine that rolls over calls as fast as possible with no results almost every time ( at least in my area).

On average they cannot give you the number for like 9 out of 10 calls.. really... You get a charge of roughly $1.40 for each call wether they give you the number (correct or incorrect ) or not at all. They say they are providing a service so the FCC can do nothing to them but in reality they provide almost no real information number service and, again,,, rake in probably millions from suckers like you and me that are at thier mercy while traveling.

Verizon's information services state that if they do not get sponsored then they do not post the phone numbers. In reality they have not even been able to produce Government buildings and offices, Doctors offices, Hospitals and even sure hits like the republican party or the democratic party headquarters in my local town. They could not produce even hotels or were too lazy to take the time to look them up properly. They are only interested in rolling over as many calls as they can and get frustrated ( usually with a deep sigh) if you ask them to try again.

This has gone on for years around the Pittsburgh/East Ohio service area and I even contacted one of the heads of the entire department in NewJersey. They told me they would look into it. They did nothing.

YOU PAY.. NO SERVICE RENDERED AS ADVERTISED.. just a person saying you can't do anything about it because once you connect.. they have provided the service. Try getting credit... I spent 30 minutes and went through 3 people last time trying to get my credit back.

It's a nightmare and they should be investigated... no kidding.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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