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Employees at Richfield, MN VZ corporate store bricked my phone with a bad software upgrade, handed it back to me and told me it was my problem. They had actually activated the phone before the upgrade and the hardware was working perfectly --- until they flashed it.

The only options they offered were to get a new similar phone on contract or pay $189 for a basic phone. They refused to even try to flash the back to OEM, even though I pointed them to the known solutions in LG forums -- they just didn't have any interest in helping me fix their mistake.

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Nope, it worked like a charm before the upgrade. They had it activated and everything. The software update was optional "nice to do", and it bricked the phone.


Unfortunately, when a phone is brought in for troubleshooting, applying any necessary software updates and/or resetting the phone is standard procedure and cannot be avoided. Whether they are able to fix the problem does not change whether you are under warranty.

I can only assume you were out of warranty or the device was damaged, otherwise you would have received a replacement. Therefore, the only chance you had of receiving a working phone at no cost was for them to attempt to fix the problem with a software update.

It would have been worse if they had said "sorry, there is nothing we can do to fix this, we won't even try. You need to buy a new phone."

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