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Verizon offered existing customers an opportunity today to order the IPhone. Little did the consume know that Verizon would arbitrarily cut off sales midstream, mid-sentence, mid-order, etc.

I'm a victim and I'm saying my goodbyes to a once-caring service. All that matters to Verizon is the money...not custom loyalty. I've been with Verizon since they came on the scene without ever missing a payment or being late. Not a peep from me.

But then again, why should big business care?

They don't and I know my money is good anywhere I choose to spend it. Verizon, you suck!

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amen, wireless vet!

why are you going crazy over a device that is almost a year old? are you really that dumb and in need of the next-greatest (ha!) device?

wireless vet

And there are/were plenty of phones left for everyone after the fact. Was there any reason you needed those phones immediately? You probably didn't need the iPhone anyway.


This system is idiotic. Why not just take orders and email people when their phones are available.

I am spending $500 on phones for my husband and myself and feel like I am being put through the mill. I am told that I have to keep checking and checking. When you order from Amazon and they are out of your item, they simply tell you when you might be able to expect it and then confirm when they have it.

This is not rocket science. Maybe Verizon should subcontract Amazon's programmers.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada #245211

Service, you clearly didn't get it. I was speaking to a service representative at the time it was cut off.

I wasn't cut off. Verizon stopped in the middle of the purchase. Obviously, you have some sort of super-human powers or work for Verizon because they still had inventory at 6:55 pm on Friday.

They DID NOT run out on Friday morning as you stated and I don't need to check my "internet connection." I suggest you read more carefully. :upset


The website clearly disclosed the IPhone orders were first come fisrt serve and once inventory was gone the orders would be stopped. The inventory ran out Friday morning and not on Thursday.

Verizon would not have cut off your order on purpose. I suggest checking your internet connection and clearing your browser information out before ever going online for a presale.

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