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They started 6 months ago with taking away my 15 percent discount... I'm 100 percent disabled as a veteran. I have give then my dd214 many times and they took copies of my military ID card that never expires. Yet, since April I have not gotten the discount and it's like harassment trying to fix it.

Then in August, I got a new phone that was broken. If you called someone the could not hear you. Being disabled I needed my phone to work and they made me wait two day to receive new one. They should have given me one from the store I bought it in ... it was not even 9 days old. Then they packed up and I sent back. They received it Aug 26 ... yet here I am in Nov still fighting with to get my credit of $197.21 ... if I did not pay my bill that long they would have turned off my phone. They make me call them ... going through the story over and over and still nothing.

Then the let my mother who is 73 charge equipment to my account ... I'm 46 ... they won't let me return the items without a recharging fee and I guess I'm in a contract for that too now. Really ? I had to teach a supervisor what customer service was tonight. As, she would not call me back to get this settled. Everytime I call they need more paperwork to turn in and wait for results. So my mom went over to the store again and they had her pay on my account ... REALLY ??? I DEMANDED they refund her the money as that's not the answer ... they owe me money and the 15 percent discounts for 6 months ... but again no results and a bunch of stress I don't need. I am a veteran I fight suicide in my life everyday but Verizon is what's pushing me over the edge. I hope that if I do end up dead that my family let the people of our country know the stress Verizon has given me. I know I want this fixed and I hope that no other person military or veteran has to go through what I have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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