I am being double billed. Customer service are indiots.

They have no clue whate is going on I want to hear from from any one who would like to initiate a Class Action suit against these monsters.

I have soke to nealy 20 people since 12/07/2010 and I got 20 different reasons, The Supervisors are also useless and are not informed. They are raping the public THey have no regard for the consumer in this day and time especially in a .recession you would think that this company would be more customer oriented

They are horrible to deal with

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Deal.

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I believe it would be necessary to convince a huge law firm that the case is worth BIG Bucks to them, then they will jump at it. It would have to be a firm which operates nationally.

Don't expect any real financial reward though, usually just the lawyers get the most of the money.

But change is quite possible, they are forced to be accountable for their despicable practices. I, also would be interested in joining in.


How would you go about the lawsuit? I upgraded to FIOS when I moved to my new place and Verizon continued to charge me for DSL/Data line while it was supposed to have been cancelled at the time of upgrade.

I did not realize this until I got a delinquent bill for the DSL. I also found out that they never transferred my email acounts to the upgraded service. I sent them a letter by email and by regular. The bill keeps coming.

Now I get a bill for FIOS. Apparently they changed my account number and disabled my direct debt payment. I cant view my bill because I need a pin which takes days to send through the mail. Since my account number has been changed I cannot pay my bill on-online.

I am tired of verizon. Comcast may not be much better but I may give them a try.

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