I spent almost 2000 dollars at verizon back before christmas. I bought an ipad two new droidx telephones as well as cases, chargers and all the works.

both phones had 100 dollar mail in rebates. The rep told me to send in the upc code off the box and copy of receipt. I did as asked and never received anything. Called and they said they were not sent in separate envelopes.

I was not told to do that so that shouldnt matter. They wont even send it back. I also had gotten a phone from them that messed up. They sent me the package and labeling to send it back.

I had not done that yet so they told me in order to purchase all these items i would have to pay for the phone. They told me when I got home to send the phone back and they would rebate the 400$ back to my account. I sent the phone back right away and nothing again. No money!

Have been fighting with them since and they change their story every time.

I am so freaking mad at them. I spend all this money in one trip and they steal money from me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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