I forgot to add one more thing. The CEO average compensation package is 17mil. Do you really think they need to exploit their employees & deceive the consumer?

I just read, VZ did accept a 1.5bil TARP bailout! I don't know about you; but, I didn't receive a dime from the government for excessive taxation. You think the Tea Partyers will make me rich like The Palins? LOL!

Still trying to think what more to write for the 100 word minimum...I have just a few more...not there yet. Don't forget to write to the corporate office. I got it!

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No Tea Party

To Nikalseyn.

I will be a ranting nitwit or someone stoned on drugs or alcohol...no problem.

Unfortunately, you are reading the 2nd post, not the first. The post you have read, requires a 100 minimum. Therefore, I would have stopped at 'excessive taxation'.

Decent people would have read the latter post...disagree & move on to the next post. For some reason, you find post where you can name-call & laugh. Must be a Palin supporter.


This rant is apparently from a liberal nitwit or someone on drugs or alcohol and makes absolutely no sense! Everyone kindly ignore.

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