worked at the Continental Reservations Center in Tampa, but live in St. Petersburg. As Martin Hand announced on May 13th the closure of your office, they also informed us that we had to buy our own computer equipment and make sure that we had a verizon no frills land line, with no call waiting, no caller id nothing but a strickt land line to use during working hours strictly for Continental Airlines...It was ok to use that line for other things after work. If we qualified, part-timers have to work a minimum of 67hrs and full-timers a minimum of 130 hrs then the Company would give us $25 or $50 respectively...So I called Verizon at the end of May and was told they did not have metered lines the basic line was 16.99 plus taxes it would cost $66 for installation and $40 for activation. Since we were all still scrambling around, I waited on the recommendation of our Office Manager and the Continental Reps from Houston...I then called back about 1 week later and the Lady on the Phone told me, again no meter lines the fee is 16.99 a month plus taxes,plus $40 activiation if they could just flick a switch from the office, plus $66 installation fees to the outside of the Building, but if the Installation Person had to come inside, there would be another $95 fee for installing a outlet, if you already had an outlet...I thought that was very expensive and told them that I had been previously not advised about the $95 and told them they could stick it...I then sent an email to our Office Manager and the ResAnywhere Supervisor in Houston. I received an email back, to hold off and they would have a Verizon Rep come to our Office. About 2 weeks later Mr. Anthony Gonzales and Paul Ezell where in the Building on Jim Walter Blvd...I spoke with Mr Ezell and specifically asked him about all the fees that I had been told over the phone and who everything worked since I already had a Jack were I was getting the DSL service, but wanted the 2nd line separate from the DSL. He explained everything to me and told me the fee would be the $66 for the installation and no other fees, since I already had a jack. They would go into that Jack and splitt the wiring. For this there is no charge. So I placed the Order for Installation of the phone line for June 18th.. I also called again, to make sure about the Date and complain that I had problems with the existing Phone Line, static coming and going and wanted this checked out at the same time.

The morning of June 18th rep came checked 1 outlet and I have 4 outlet (did not check the others) said the outlet was ok and proceeded to the room from where I would be working. It took him less than 5min to split the wiring in the Jack, then went outside to make sure he had the correct line, came back in and took another 15min or so to finish up....July came and so did my bill!!!! Yes the $66 is on it all the regular fees as well, but to my surprise also the $85...I called Verizon and told the Agent that there had been a mistake and that I was told I did not have to pay the $85 for the wiring, because I already had a jack. She tried to get me a $50 credit, but called back the next day and told me , it had been declined. So I called again, was told by a Supervisor that the $85 is charged weather a jack is installed or just rewired..it does not matter...This is a rip off..I informed our Office Manager, who said that several Employees had this problem and that he would ask Mr. Anthony Gonzales to come back out again, to take care of this problem. Mr Gonzales,Mr Ezell and another Rep where in the Building yesterday July 21..It took Mr Gonzales from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm to inform me that his Supervisor told him that he could not remove the charges since they were correct. He said that his Supervisor (he did not provide the name) told him, to tell me, I should go into a Verizon Plus Store, since they could go into the Account and they could remove the Charge. My question to him, was why should they do that, if everyone else refused?? Why they can't correct, what one of there Employees screwed up?? He just shook his shoulders....Well, I went to the Verizon Plus Store here in St. Petersburg Address 913-1st Ave N and spoke to a sales person and got the expected Answer. They can't do anything except sell and take Payment, but could not correct a charge. I called Verizon again at 5:00pm this evening and the Agent told me that they had no Address to give me, where I could sent Complaints to, but a Fax Number. I then demanded the Address for their Corperate Offices in Texas and after putting me on hold for 5min came back and told me she did not have that, but would connect me to a Lead Agent who would be able to provide that Number. So i waited again for several Minutes to be connected. Finally the Lead Agent came on and explained that they previous Agent could not provide me with a mailing address for their Complaint Dept but only with a Fax Number and that I wanted a Mailing Address for the Corporate Office in Texas. She proceeded to tell me, that the previous Agent told her, that she had provided me with the Address for Complaints, which I informed her was a Lie...She finally gave me a P.Box in St., Petersburg and said she did not have an address in Texas and that all Complaints would be handeled by the Office in St. Petersburg....Verizon and it's Employees are very unfriendly have no problems of lying and not correcting other Employees Mistakes...As of this Afternoon I have Charges on my Bill for the rewiring of the Jack, that refuse to *** and for DSL Service that I had been given another run around . I had called June 25 to cancel my DSL and the Rep persuaded me to put it on hold to make sure I was satisfied with Bright House and that as long as I canceled the DSL within 30days of the Call I would not be charged for that Month. That also showed up on the July Bill, when is spoke last week with the Rep regarding the $85 rewiring fee, I also stated about this fee. I was informed I should go ahead and pay it and it would be corrected on the next Bill.

I will send a written complaint to the P.O Box per certified return mail, but am afraid that I will not get any satisfaction...I don't know if you are able to help in this Matter, or can tell me, who I can write to in our Government and file a complaint with them??? These dubois practices of Verizon need to stop!!!!


Rosa-Linda Schueder

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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