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I stopped using verizon wireless in Dec. In January I cancelled the account and paid in full via credit card over the phone.

I was assured TWICE that this would end my Verizon Wireless billing as I'd had a similar problem when cancelling Verizion FIOS in the past. Well, two months later I receive a new bill for $63. I called and the representative confirmed the account was cancelled in January and said they would cancel the charge. They lied!

They continued billing me for the $63.

In August they sent the $63 bill to a collection agency and made a report on my credit. I am now denied a mortgage application because of them. The debt collection agency is ER Solutions.

I paid the (now) $87 bill off immediately over the phone and two days later I am still waiting for the email receipt to use to dispute the credit report. I have called ER Solutions twice asking for an email receipt of payment as it now shows on my checking account statement but they have not sent the receipt. The next time I call them I am going to have to threaten a charge-back. I am going to dispute original Verizon bill but need the ER Solutions receipt to clear my credit.

It now appears they are supporting Verizon in not supplying a receipt to dispute the charges with! I am Outraged and will NEVER purchase another Verizon product again, Ever!

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Otaniemi, Southern Finland, Finland #203966

They are rude and have the worst service ever. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get through to someone to find out why there were charging me an extra $478.00 for one month service.

They were rude and would not let me explain what I needed. I was transferred and it hung up on me 3 times. One time they transferred me to someones private line that had nothing to do with Verizon. I got their personal voice mail saying that if this call was for verizon, they did not have anything to do with Verizon.

Please do not leave a message!

Seriously crappy service. YES, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!

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