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I've had Verizon wireless for 5 yrs, renew my contract twice. I am pissed off!!!!

I've always had Verizon to Verizon no charge. I went to Kansas City/ Missouri for a month. I kept in contact with my family and friends mobile to mobile for the whole month. When I got home there was a bill from Venison $315.00!!!!!

I called they said I went 450 minutes over my limit and I didn't have mobile to mobile...How did this happen? I did change my plan but I was NEVER told I didn't have Verizon to Verizon free phone service. I would not of taken that plan. I am going to cancel my service I can't pay this bill ...

Who in their right mind would go 450 minutes over their plan? Who in their right mind would keep calling another Verison Wireless customer or receive calls from them if they knew it was not free?? I blame Verison Wireless for this problem.

I have lost all respect for this company. I suggest that everyone with this company make sure you have a plan that is free mobile to mobile.

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