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Verizon Fios customer service and products are horrible!!!!

I am a new customer with verizon and all I can say is BUYER BEWARE!!!! I have had poor cable service nearly since the beginning. After spending hours on the phone with troubleshooting calls, I allowed them to send me another HD box (set top), a few days before my 1 month grace period (30 day clause to release from contract). I was told the box would be here overnight via UPS so I said ok. I arrived 3 days later. Being a father of 3 I could not hook it up yesterday until the kids got a chance to watch their shows on the DVR. Today I connected it to STILL have problems. Now they are telling me that it may be the wiring, blah, blah, blah, and that I may have to pay for the repair. I then attempted to cancel my contract but was told that I would have to pay $230 to cancel my contract... get this! I had it installed on the January 17th, called with a second issue on Feb. 13th, received their attempt of a solution on Feb 16th, and called this evening to cancel on Feb 17th but was over their 30 days by 0.5 days???? Install took place midday on the Jan 17th!!! They still with the smuggest of attitudes said they would be more than happy to cancel my service and charge me $230!

Anyone know any good lawyers?? I am so aggravated that I willing to go to bat for the rest of us...

Feel free to contact me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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