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Short Review on June 16, 2016

Your billing department sucks. My bill has been messed up since March and they dont care at all.
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After multiple phone calls to Verizon Customer Service to economically and efficiently disconnect service after my contract, I was misinformed, lied to and cheated on my final bill. Shame on you Verizon for your lack of integrity. Customer service told me to wait...
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I liked
  • Great coverage
I didn't like
  • Lies about termination process
  • Incompetent customer service
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When purchasing a new phone to replace a damaged old phone, I purchased the new phone on-line. I was a little uneasy when I was given only 2 choices concerning the new phone, did I want a new line or 2 upgrade service? Well neither one, really. The chat person who...
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I moved to Plano Texas; the only option for internet service available to me at my rental was Verizon FIOS internet. I paid through the nose for it. Service worked fine, no complaints about that. My complaints are aobut Verizon's shoddy customer service. I never...
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cl***ic (FiOS TSR)

wow Anonymous, way to be an *** to one of our customers. Why don\'t you be a man and state a name? You sure aren\'t helping our reputation any. I can\'t say much for cance...


I work for verizon fios. Maybe you should read your it clearly states that YOU agreed to a contract. We do not waive ETFs for moves, only death,...

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I so tired of the customer service at Verizon. I wanted to add a line to my family plan. Easy as told by several agents. It was an existing Verizon line and everytime I would be put on hold or transferred to their assumption of liability (and I completed this), I...
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Stephen Hill

Is there any way that you couls help me in finding a ops. manual for a Motorola ST7868 Phone..Steve


This just seems outlandish...Two hours on hold!? Theres a direct number for assumption of liability that would be provided, plus those calls aren\'t blind transferred like tha...

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I signed a 2 yr contract under the agreement that I would have a 30day trial of the phone and its services. I traded in my phone for the new oyager. Its now day 2 and after deciding that all of the functions I would like adding to my phone worked out too costly for me,...
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I love diamond wireless

diamond wireless is great I have been buying from them for years I use too live in Utah and I was suprised they were in Texas too They always sell phones cheaper then corporat...

Not Pleased

In December 2009, I purchased a phone and a plan from Diamond Wireless, a kiosk in the local mall, not realizing that it was not Verizon itself. I was quite clear with the sa...

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