Clovis, New Mexico
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Per the recommendation of Verizon, I switched my plan from a 12 GB Monthly plan to their Start Unlimited plan. I checked my download rate with speedtest and had a .01 Mbps download rate.

WHAT THE *** I talked to the Verizon store customer service people and their answer was "If the tower is congested, you get a reduced speed." But what kind of congestion would necessitate a 99.998% reduction in speed. That is crazy. Not only that, but the data rates were inverted (was getting better upload rates vs. download rates).

I was also told that I could not go back to my previous plan. So I called Verizon. After waiting for more than 30 minutes for a customer representative I explained that I was none too happy with their new plan. After a bit of bantering back and forth, I got them to switch me back to my previous plan.

Apparently, all of the carriers are doing this bait and switch to get you to pay extra for bandwidth you don't need. I was also told that with 5G, this issue would not be so bad. We waited 5 YEARS for 4G in our area.

In order to provide 5G Verizon would need to install MILLIONS of 5G cell receivers. Good luck with that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Unlimited Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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